HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot Promotes Grooming as Moms Openly Lust After Teen Boy

July 6th, 2023 6:52 AM

As conservatives across the nation fight to protect children from predators who want sexually explicit books in schools and children exposed to perverted and sexually explicit behavior, Hollywood is busy trying to help the predator cause with attempts to normalize grooming.

HBO’s Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, joined in the cause with their latest episode, “Chapter Three,” which MAX aired on June 29. In the episode, a “MILF list” created by a teenage boy is discovered at a prestigious private school that main character Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) children attend.

Of course, such a thing is normal for hormonal teenage boys as most will have a crush on an older mom, teacher, nurse, etc. at least once in their teen years. What’s not normal is an adult hoping to be the object of that sexual desire, as moms Charlotte and Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker) did when they found out about the list.

Rather than being mature, normal moms with feelings of maternal protectiveness, they instead became gleefully excited to place second and third on the list, seeing it as a form of flattery despite what “MILF” stands for.

Lisa: Oh, wait! I got it! I got the list!

Charlotte: Ordering can wait.

Lisa: Wait...I can't open it.

Carrie: Wait, what list?

Charlotte: Okay, this is gonna sound silly, but there's a whole brouhaha at school about this MILF list that a kid started.

Nya: A what? A MILF list? For real?

Charlotte: Yes. It's basically MILF-gate.

Lisa: Okay, okay. Here we go. Downloading, baby.

Charlotte: How did you get it?

Lisa: I will never reveal my sources.

Carrie: You two are like a regular Woodward and Bernstein.

Charlotte: For the record, I do think it's wrong that in this day and age, women are still being judged solely for the...

Lisa: Here it is! We're number two and three! I'd switch our order, of course.

Charlotte: No! You totally deserve to be number two! But who's number one?

Lisa: Kayla Charles. Finn's stepmom.

Charlotte: Ooh, yes, she is stunning. But don't you think that, technically, a stepmom should be on a different list?

Carrie: Well, Nya, surely you cover this in your class on "MILF Law in the 21st Century."

Charlotte: I am sorry. Our lunchtime fodder is not usually this lowbrow, I swear.

Carrie: Really? Who have you been eating with?

Nya: Oh no, listen, I'm enjoying it, but maybe we should switch gears and, I don't know, talk about abortion rights, or how our democracy is hanging by a thread, or how our planet is dying.

A “MILF list” isn’t about who’s “stunning.” It’s about who these teenage boys want to have sex with, to put it in less vulgar terms. It’s creepy that these moms are so excited that they ranked high on the list. Do they think the “M” stands for “Minor?”

And, of course they can't forget about their other beloved causes, having to fit in abortion, climate change and the tired rant that Republicans are a threat to democracy any way they can.

It gets even worse, though. As the moms gather in the hallway to discuss who created the list, the teen boy who authored it walks past them in slow motion as the moms gawk lustfully at him and call him “hot.” The pornographic song the show chose to play during the scene just adds to the already predatory vibe:

Mom: Well, I heard the board has the MILF culprit in there right now, but they won't identify him.

Ainsley: Shockingly, I heard it was Milo.

Mom: Wait, Milo W.?

Ainsley: No, Milo H.

Veronica: The kid who wore his night brace all through sixth grade, even on picture day?

Ainsley: Yeah, the one who couldn't say his S's?

Mom: Well, the nerds are always the pervs.

Charlotte: You guys, I am not comfortable with this. I mean, we are talking about a little boy here.

("He Be Like" by KenTheMan playing)

Charlotte: Is that Milo H.?

Veronia: "H" for hot.

Ainsley: *growls*

Lisa: Why do I feel like Blanche DuBois?

Gary: The Arbor School needs to send a message that there is zero tolerance for misogyny of any kind. Which is why this breach and punishment will remain on the student's record throughout the college application process.

Charlotte: Really, Greg? On his record?

Greg: Yes, Charlotte.

Charlotte: Uh, if I may, isn't that a little extreme? I mean, given the boy's age and relatively benign intentions, is such harsh punishment really warranted?

Lisa: I have to agree with Charlotte on this one, Greg. Isn't this an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to restorative justice?

Veronica: Ha! You're just saying that because you're two and three on the list.

Charlotte/Lisa: Are we?

Ainsley: Come on! We all saw the list.  

Dad: We think it should be one and two.

Greg: It has just come to my attention that a group of Arbor School mothers was overheard objectifying a male student in the hallway.

Charlotte/Lisa: Were they?

Greg: Yeah.

This is supposed to be funny? Entertaining? Are viewers supposed to relate and nod in agreement that he’s “hot?" Even if this young boy is at the age of consent (which is 17 in New York City), that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

Notice how Charlotte said, “Given the boy’s age.” Meaning she’s well aware that he’s too young to fully comprehend the consequences of his actions. But sure, let’s serve him up on a slow-motion platter for these perverted moms to devour. (sarcasm) Who in the writers’ room thought this would make for good entertainment?

As a mother of three grown children, one of whom is a son, this scene is just nauseating. I can’t even fathom standing in a school hallway with fellow moms, staring lustfully at a high school student who grew up with my kids. Someone I once saw with headgear and a lisp. Someone whose mother would be in my peer group as a fellow parent at the school.

Mothers are supposed to instinctively feel protective of children. We’re supposed to be a safe person for them, not some predatory monster who openly lusts after them.

It’s also disturbing how putting vulgar songs with extremely explicit lyrics to scenes with minor children is all the rage now, too, as KenTheMan’s “He Be Like,” plays while this boy swaggers past the predatory moms. Take a close look at the lyrics, but be forewarned. They are extremely obscene and should never, ever be associated with an underage child in any manner, even a pretend one on television.

Think about what kind of message this show is sending to pedophiles and groomers. Especially teachers who have been arrested for sexualizing and raping their students. Parents need to be more watchful than ever in this pedophile-friendly culture because they’re coming for your children, and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

If you ever needed a reason to homeschool, this is it.