A Million Little Tragedies - ABC Show Character Claims Being Transgender Is 'Being Myself'

April 15th, 2021 1:03 AM

Another show from Hollywood, another liberal lecture on transgenderism. This time it’s ABC’s A Million Little Things, and the lecture is that a transgender woman is the “same person” as a man who became paralyzed in a tragic accident, because neither of them had a choice in their circumstances - him being in a wheelchair and her being “born in a man’s body.”

In Wednesday’s episode, “Trust Me,” Eddie (David Giuntoli) is in a rehab facility after realizing he’d fallen off the wagon and broken his sobriety after becoming addicted to pain pills prescribed to him when he was hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down. Jackie (Bobbi Charlton) is a fellow addict and has become somewhat of a sponsor to Eddie. Jackie’s also a transgender woman.

As the two are playing a game of cards, they begin to converse about their respective situations, leading Jackie to tell Eddie that they are the same person because “(she) can’t be the version of who they want (her) to be:”



Jackie: You know, you and I are the same person. Yeah, you're right. We're not. I'm like six steps ahead of you. I've already accepted the fact that I can't be the version of who they want me to be.

Eddie: Are you...talking about the fact that you're, um...

Jackie: That I'm what? Watching you struggle for a word that describes me right now? Is it, uh, "Alcoholic" or, uh, maybe "Human being?” "A better card player than you." All true. Also, I'm transgender. And I'm collecting 3s.

Eddie: Look. I am sure that you've had your share of struggles. But we are not the same. For one, you chose to be a woman. I did not choose to be in this chair.

Jackie: Wow. So many mistakes with what you just said. What I chose... was to be myself. So, you were right, accidentally. But what I didn't choose was to be born in a man's body. All the pressure that you're facing to be the husband and dad and friend they think you should be -- or even worse, you think you should be -- you need to put that all aside, because you're never gonna be that guy. But maybe, like me, there's a beautiful person inside. You just have to find her and let her out.

Wow. So many mistakes with what you just said, Jackie. Yes, you’re a human being who is worthy of love despite your flaws, just like Eddie. Just like any other human being. But you didn’t choose to be yourself. You chose to allow our culture to convince you that healing your gender dysmorphia can be found in genital mutilation, harsh hormonal injections, and pretending to be someone you’re not. If being transgender means truly being yourself, why the need for the hormones and surgery?

Instead of helping those with this disorder be who God created them to be through intensive therapy, our culture is letting them down by teaching them to be someone they are not while telling them that’s who they really are. And that is a tragedy; so I guess in that way Jackie is like Eddie, who is dealing with the fallout of his tragedy. They are both biological males, as well, so that was also correct.

I’m pretty sure Eddie’s pronouns are “he/him,” by the way, so I don’t think he needs to find “her” inside of himself and let “her” out. Jackie misgendered him. How inconvenient when liberal ideology bumps up against itself like that. I guess transgenderism is higher up on the liberal ladder than personal pronouns are, so they can just ignore that bit of hypocrisy in order to promote their idea of the greater “good.”

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