‘Modern Family’ Trolls Jane Fonda for ‘Crazy’ 'Politics'

ABC's Modern Family had fun getting a little dig in at “crazy” leftist extremist Jane Fonda on Wednesday night’s episode, “Written in the Stars.”

It's Valentine's Day and Jay (Ed O’Neill) is trying to spice things up with his wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara) by dressing up and role playing at a bar. They assume different identities and pretend not to know each other. Unfortunately, the staff mistakes Gloria for a hooker. When she tries to explain herself and prove she’s Jay’s wife, Jane Fonda’s name comes up, as does Jay’s dig at the left-wing actress:



Gloria: You see, we have the same address and the same last name. I was just pretending to be a prostitute because my husband has a thing for Jane Fonda in "Klute."

Jay: The body was crazy. Unfortunately, so were the politics.

Good one, Jay! Keep the truth coming, please!

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