Chelsea Handler: ‘Russia Hacked the Weather System’

While celebrities and media alike are coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the elections, Chelsea Handler has come up with a conspiracy theory all her own.

After attacking Ivanka Trump on Twitter for the past 24 hours, Handler chimed in on the celebrity committee, headed by director Rob Reiner, to “investigate Russia,” with this helpful suggestion, “What if we find out Russia hacked the weather system?”

That’s just a step above Jennifer Lawrence telling an interviewer that the hurricanes were “Mother Nature’s rage” in response to politics. If anything, Handler is indirectly admitting that the conspiracy theory blaming the Russians for Trump’s election is a joke, just as funny as accusing the Russians for the weather and the hurricanes.

Of course, once you decide to call for a military coup to remove President Trump, the sky is the limit on what you can get away with in public. Handler has in the past few weeks referred to Ben Carson as a “black white supremacist,” admitted to being “sexually attracted to Robert Mueller,” and yet somehow still wants people to take her seriously as an activist.


Mixed in with her attempts at humor and her conspiracy theories are serious pleas to save Obamacare and calls for the government to factor climate change. But, it’s hard to take these things seriously if everything else is just a joke. Call your generals, Chelsea. Maybe they can remove the hurricanes.   

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