Spirit of Charity: Celebs Use Irma To Promote Climate Change

September 11th, 2017 3:28 PM

Editor's Note: Contains offensive language

Kicking someone when they are down is never a good thing. It’s even less tasteful when wealthy, entitled Hollywood uses national tragedies to preach to the public about climate change. But while Hurricane Irma threatened Florida over the weekend, many celebrities did just that.

Sarah Silverman tweeted a meme with the caption, “Don’t pray: Vote for a government that believes in science.” How that is supposed to help victims of the weather is extremely questionable. But many took similar stances on this issue. Comedian Michael Ian Black stated, “As a massive hurricane bears down on us, please remember that one American political party literally does not believe in science.” This was quite helpful to those suffering from flooding and intense wind damage.         

He also stated in an angry thread, “People are going to die in Florida in the next few days and they’re going to offer thoughts and prayers and go back to raping the country they claim to love in the name of Jesus fucking Christ on high. Fuck them. And if you support this bullshit, fuck you too”:


Others were not exactly as overstated as Black, but expressed the same sentiment. Bette Midler tweeted: “My God, it won't stop. We MUST have the conversation US needs to avoid utter destruction.” Mark Ruffalo went on attack on EPA head Scott Pruitt: “Don't be fooled by @ScottPruittOK he is a full blown Climate Denialist and he is making it harder to protect ourselves and families from it.”

Moby posted a meme, captioning it, “[m]aybe now that people are seeing the devastating consequences of #climatechange they'll get serious about dealin…” Later he quoted Mark Hersgaard, “"how many killer hurricanes will it take before America get serious about global warming?"- Mark Hersgaard in 2005, after Katrina. And no, …”

Star Trek actor George Takei tweeted, “Overheard: Donald Trump: Climate change isn't real! Mother Nature: Here, hold my covfefe.” Bill Maher shared one of his videos captioned, “We are thinking about Florida right now. They are looking at a Category 5 Liberal Hoax. #Irma  #ClimateChange. #ActOnClimate.”

Singer Lauren Jauregui, from the band 5th Harmony, stated, “ I just wish humans could understand that we're all killing each other on a planet that we're also killing that sustains us and our future..?

That’s a sensitive way to channel propaganda while people are suffering.