Crazed Lib Alyssa Milano Wants to ‘Hold Trump Accountable for Russia’

July 21st, 2017 2:08 PM

Tinfoil hats are rarely a good look -- even the chic designer kind Hollywood celebrities can afford. But here come TV stars Alyssa Milano and Misha Collins, barking conspiracy theories and joining the throng of actors who want to be activists. Amber Tamblyn, see what you started?

The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern started his interview with Milano with this introduction, “When it comes to 80’s TV icons the right may have Chachi [Scott Baio] but the left has Milano.” Which, honestly, is delicious, since Milano’s latest claim to fame is that she may have indirectly assisted Republican Karen Handel to win Georgia’s special election against Jon Ossoff last month. Milano campaigned heavily for Ossoff over Twitter, mainly because Ossoff -- most of whose money came from Hollywood -- supported abortion rights, while Handel was pro-life.

Milano and Supernatural actor Misha Collins have started a website for the sole purpose of “holding the Trump administration accountable for collusion with Russia.” The website,, encourages people to contact their lawmakers to “put country before party.” The front page of the site says “this issue is bigger than partisan politics; it’s about safeguarding our democratic institutions.”  

The site offers “optional talking points” for talking to either Democratic or Republican representatives. Viewers are encouraged to “thank [Democratic Reps] for standing up to the White House, and for ensuring that the legislature maintains checks and balances.”  However, when it comes to Republicans, there is a different stance. “Tell them that you’re an active vote...very concerned about the Trump White House’s connection with Russia. Urge them to hold the WH accountable.” So bipartisan the site isn’t.

Milano ironically stated to the Daily Beast: “It’s very easy to sit behind our computers and bitch about the administration, but in everything I do I want to empower people to make a difference,” she told Stern. Which is a nice change. Her tweets have been nothing but a constant stream of trash-talk aimed at the Trump administration. In fact, the pinned tweet on her account said, “Those that tell me not to tweet politics because I am an uninformed celebrity are the same people that voted for … an uninformed celebrity.”

However, despite all of her bashing on conservative values, Milano would like to be known as someone who endorses American values. Like abortion and climate change. “I feel like the far-right has hijacked the word ‘patriot,’ and it upsets me. I’m not any less of a patriot because my ideas are different,” she whined.

Define patriot, please.