Sharknado 5's Release: Make America Bait Again


Why must all comedies and comedians aim at political satire in order to stay relevant?

In another predictable attempt to make politics the center of the entertainment industry, Syfy and the makers of Sharknado are releasing another episode in the series: “Sharknado 5: Make America Bait Again”.

Hollywood Reporter’s Kate Stanhope added even more political agenda to the film, which comes out in August, calling the plot “global-warming inspired.” After Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, celebrities are buzzing with protests, and this film is no different.

The film stars Fabio as the pope, Charo as the queen, and several other celebrity cameos. Ian Zeiring and Tara Reid will return to star yet again.

This film will most likely follow the trends of Hollywood in criticizing Trump and his recent decision to back out the Paris agreement, which has led to outcry among the rich and famous. The Sharknado series has in the past been able to combine politics and entertainment while starring such people as Ann Coulter. However, one hopes the new fad that has affected all of Hollywood, from Comedy Central to network television, bashing Trump distastefully and at full strength, will not affect Sharknado 5.