Lifetime's Pro-Euthanasia Drama Doctor Admits Joy of Killing

May 15th, 2017 4:00 PM

Sunday night’s episode of Lifetime’s Mary Kills People, “Raised by Wolves,” continued to praise Mary for her lethal mission despite her and her partner’s doubts. The episode also revealed that Mary helped her mother commit suicide when she was only 16.

In the wake of her ongoing investigation for murder, Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) visits her sister and tells her about her side job. When her sister, Nicole, looks reasonably shocked, Mary explains, “These people need me okay? No one else will help them. I’m a doctor and it’s medicine.” Of course, Nicole quickly comes around to seeing the apparent good in the service Mary provides.

The episode provides some background, explaining the trauma that led Mary to believe that what she’s doing is good. When Mary and her sister were teenagers, they helped their mom commit suicide by tying her hands behind her back before she jumped into a lake. Somehow Nicole claims that heinous act in fact “saved her,” and that Mary is still “saving people.”

Nicole: What happened?

Mary: He asked about mom. I guess he found out.

Nicole: What did you tell him?

Mary: Nothing.

Nicole. God, some things never die.

Mary: It’ll die when we die. We killed her, and now he knows.

Nicole: No, we saved her, and you’re still saving people.

Mary: I didn’t tell you everything. I charge them.

Nicole: How much?

Mary: 10,000.

Nicole: People pay?

Mary: You know, I don’t think I’m a very good person.

Nicole: Why because you provide a serve and people pay for it?

Mary: Because I like it. It’s hard to explain but there’s something about being with them in their last moments when everything matters and doesn’t matter.

Nicole: Mary, you need to stop.

Mary: I don’t want to stop. I think there’s something wrong with me.

Nicole: Well yeah, obviously. Maybe there’s something wrong with all of us.

Mary: Am I crazy like mom?

Nicole: No, you are nothing like her.

At least Mary admits there’s something wrong with her. Not being able to stop killing people and claiming to “like it” seems to be a poor argument in favor of assisted suicide. Yet even though Mary and her partner, Des, charge people $10,000 to kill them, Des still insists that Mary is trying to help people “fight the good fight.” Even Mary’s drug dealer tells her, “What you’re doing is good,” before demanding a slice of the profits.

Although many arguments in favor of euthanasia claim that it would only be used for the terminally ill, Mary and Des’s newest client, a man diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, asks to die because “living’s great, I’m just ready.” Having been diagnosed at the age of 2, he managed to beat all the odds and survive to be 33-years-old. Yet he states the mantra, “Live fast, die young.” Des readily agrees to end his life.

In other news, the show inserted a somewhat pro-gun message for the second time this season! When Mary feels that her life is in danger, she decides to learn how to shoot a gun. A single mother with two children understands that buying a gun could be the only way to protect her and her family in an emergency. 

In the liberal media’s ongoing crusade in favor of assisted suicide, Lifetime continues to fight against the idea that Mary is a murderer (despite naming the show Mary Kills People). As Des becomes annoyed at the ongoing murder investigation, he exclaims, “They should be focusing on real murderers,” forgetting that killing the sick and terminally ill is in fact murder.