ESPN’s Bomani Jones Thinks the Police Kill Black People by ‘Design’

December 1st, 2015 9:30 PM

In this week’s edition of “Oh my God, I can’t believe that ESPN guy said that! How in the world has he not been suspended yet?!” we actually harken back to last week, for while you and yours were preparing to gather with kith and kin to celebrate the joyous holiday and giving thanks for the abundance that hath been bestowed upon us, ESPN’s Bomani Jones was doing all he could to sow the seeds of race-mongering hate.

Appearing on the Dan LeBatard Show, the day after the Chicago Police Department released footage of the shooting of Laquan Treadwell, Jones went off. Some of his more hateful comments are listed below.

For example:

“At some point we have to raise the question of whether or not police killing black people like this is not accidental, and this is kind of built into the equation, built into the design.”

Built into the “design?” Does he mean the design of the police to deliberately eliminate black people? Is this the same design that has worked so well that the majority of people killed by the police over the last two years have in fact not been black at all. But instead have been white?

Seems as though there’s a flaw in the “design.”

But Jones wasn’t done:

“It’s worth noting that people are really concerned with crime in those ways and the whole idea of keeping us safe don’t live anywhere near where the crime actually happened. And what they’ve found is that people’s belief in crime and being tough on it and stuff like that and empowering police, they are correlated to their opposition to civil rights. It has nothing to do with crime or how crime affects their lives. They don’t care about that. This is just another way to hammer black people.”

So there you have it. Your desire to walk down the street at night, un-mugged, un-raped, and un-killed, is racist. Because, you’re really not worried about you and your family’s safety. What you’re really trying to do is bring back segregated drinking fountains.

You can watch the whole video here.

But while you do, just remember. This person who thinks the police are systematically eliminating black people by design, and that you’re a racist because you don’t want to get shot for your car, was not even reprimanded much less suspended by ESPN for saying this.

In fact, one has to wonder what you have to do to get suspended at ESPN nowadays? Of course, we could always just ask Curt Schilling.