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Since it’s impossible to report any story involving a black person without resorting to race, SB Nation took the Patriots’ starting African-American quarterback Jacoby Brissett against the Houston Texans and branded it a major civil rights victory.

Apparently we’ve arrived at the point in social media history, where not sending a congratulatory tweet about the legalization of gay marriage means you are anti-gay.

ESPN’s The Undefeated invited Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest Michael Eric Dyson to write an article on Colin Kaepernick. Because, after all, what the heck is the difference between ESPN, Georgetown Professors, and MSNBC anyway?

It appears as though Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and Jeremy Lane will have some company next time they decide to kneel, or sit, during the playing of the National Anthem.

Someone needs to get ESPN and 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick a room. Preferably a room in another country. Yet, a room nonetheless.

Apparently those who profess to be most offended by stereotyping and profiling are taking a break, to stereotype and profile Republicans and conservatives.

Much like Santiago, struggling to bring his heavily-damaged prize into shore, before being torn to shreds by predators watching to see how large and vulnerable his doomed catch has become, the liberal sports media is working overtime to cement the notion of Ryan Lochte as “Great White Villain,” before the Brazilian Police’s version of his gas station exploits starts reading more and more like a massive lie.

ESPN’s Around the Horn has gone from one of the best, longest running panel shows the network has ever had, to an absolutely farcical flagship of left-wing lunacy.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton landed the cover of the most recent issue of GQ, and what he says in the article has put him in the crosshairs of the leftist sports media.Speaking on the subject of race, Newton rejected the notion that criticism of him is fueled by the racism of fans. Saying, “it’s not about race,” and that “we’re beyond that as a nation.”

ESPN did not take this well.

Cyd Zeigler at Outsports, a part of the SB Nation network, is no fan of NBC and their refusal to celebrate gay marriage at this year’s summer games.

ESPN’s Around the Horn is fast becoming the incubator for every unhinged, crackpot leftist theory that the unhinged, crackpot leftist sports network wants to initiate.

Leave it to the leftists at ESPN to take a perfectly benign, meaningful, and constructive statement and deride it for not being radical enough. Well, leave it to one leftist. ESPN analyst Kevin Blackistone.

When you have an entire sports network that barely talks about sports anymore, it was only a matter of time before that same network would applaud athletes for joining them, and refusing to talk about sports as well.

As we forewarned, ESPN took something right and beautiful, with this year’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and did it entirely the wrong way. The award most appropriately and deservedly went to Zaevion Dobson. The Tennessee teenager who heroically threw himself on two teenage girls, saving them from a hail of gunfire. Only to tragically be struck himself, and killed.

The ESPYs would not be complete without the obligatory shot at the Washington Redskins.

You planned to have a smoke, maybe walk the dog before the ESPYs got in full swing. Figuring that ESPN would at least recap some of the year in sports before putting on display their craven and gratuitous sellout to radical, racial activism. Well, you guessed wrong.

ESPN continued its love affair with all things Black Lives Matter on Tuesday’s edition of Around the Horn.

ESPN 2’s Jemele Hill and Michael Smith flipped their collective wig on Tuesday’s episode of His and Hers. Because, and I didn’t think this was possible, the two lefty journos finally stumbled upon an example of a protest involving Black Lives Matter and the police, that they could not support.

The meaning and definition of “sports commentator,” is a term in dire need of radical revision these days. While recently-fired ESPN MLB analyst Curt Schilling languishes in major sports media unemployment, for violating ESPN’s rules on wading into political topics of an “inflammatory” nature, the still well-employed ESPN and Washington Post “sports commentator” Kevin B. Blackistone penned a piece titled “White America’s biggest nightmare: Black men who violently sow disillusionment.”

The Rainbow Jihad continues, unabated, over at the “four-letter network.” On Tuesday posted an article, written by Christina Kahrl, which celebrated the recent addition of duathlete Chris Mosier to ESPN’s 2016 Body Issue. Which features athletes, in the nude, performing fetes of athletic prowess. Why would that need to be celebrated?