NYU Prof in WashPost: Minority Trump Supporters Guilty of ‘Multiracial Whiteness’

January 20th, 2021 8:44 AM

Soon, in the dictionary you could see a rewritten definition of “white” as meaning “multiracial.” Why not? They’ve already redefined “racism” and added “white fragility” to suit the race-obsessed left.

New York University Professor Cristina Beltrán brought the concept of “multiracial whiteness” as a pejorative to the Washington Post in an article that ironically appeared on the website the Friday afternoon of Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend.

To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness,” the professor lectured to a rapt audience of woke whites, aka WaPo opinion page readers.

Though claiming, “The Trump administration’s anti-immigration, anti-civil rights stance has made it easy to classify the president’s loyalists as a homogenous mob of white nationalists,” Beltrán noted in looking at the crowd at the Capitol that “[a]mong the many White faces are a few that are clearly Latino or African American.”

She extrapolated this to the “unsettling exit-poll data…that a quarter to a third of Latino voters voted to reelect Trump,” a lazy and false inference she made throughout the piece: going back and forth between talking about millions of Trump voters as a whole and the tiny number of violent individuals in the Capitol mob, as if they’re interchangeable and equally guilty.

How does Beltrán reconcile the fact that some Trump voters and some of the participants in the Capitol riot were not white with her conviction that the evil of whiteness is what plagues our nation?

Instead of the paradox giving her pause to think that maybe it has nothing to do with race, she tried to square the circle: “I call this phenomenon multiracial whiteness — the promise that they, too, can lay claim to the politics of aggression, exclusion and domination.”

Seriously. “Multiracial whiteness.” This is the mind trap one falls into by following the rabbit hole of primitive, binary, all-or-nothing, radical social justice thinking: “Only white people are evil. X person of color did something evil. Therefore, they must actually be white.” In their rush to elevate the importance of race, SJWs manage to only emphasize its meaninglessness.

Beltrán went on to explain the ridiculous oxymoron further:

Rooted in America’s ugly history of white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness, multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others. Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others.

Since none of these things have anything inherently to do with being white – Beltrán herself says it’s “a political color and not simply a racial identity” – maybe she should come up with a more accurate term that’s not racially inflammatory and intended to produce division. That would be the responsible thing to do.

Instead, she continued the hatred and vitriol, tying the entire “MAGA movement” to “unbridled rage and conspiracy theories” and giving a false moral equivalence to wanting a border policy and supporting QAnon, as if both are equally abhorrent and a part of “multiracial whiteness.”

Basically, “multiracial whiteness” is a nonsense catchall phrase that encompasses anything and everything that is bad from the leftist point of view, with the added bonus of placing emphasized blame and guilt on white people.

Of course, the only people this obsessed with dividing people up by color and ascribing particular inferior attributes to race are racists themselves. This is a sick, destructive way of thinking about the world that is not only morally wrong, but also factually wrong.

The current political crisis our country is in is complicated and there are no simple solutions. It’s not helpful for race hustlers to jump in and enflame passions in even worse directions. Shame on the Washington Post for letting Beltrán peddle her racist hatred under their banner. “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” indeed.