Celebs at AMAs Rage ‘No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!’

November 21st, 2016 12:32 AM

Model Gigi Hadid and Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah hosted the 2016 American Music Awards (AMAs) on Sunday night and the hatred for Donald Trump in Hollywood was palpable.

Fresh off their stint at the MTV European Music Awards replacing the f-word with “Trump” before the election, Green Day came back with an even more in-your-face anti-Trump performance. In the middle of playing their song “Bang Bang,” they started a “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA” chant, just like they do at anti-Trump protests.

Lyrics in the song include, “I want to be a celebrity martyr” – How appropriate, that’s what all these celebrities try to turn themselves into when they talk politics.

Although Hadid and Pharoah said they weren’t going to talk about the election, they proceeded to mock and do impressions of both the President-elect and the soon-to-be First Lady to the delight of the elite audience.

Gigi: Jay is a master impressionist. In your honor, I've been working on my first impression. 
Jay: Oh really? I have to see this. 
Gigi: This is my Melania Trump impression. I need to get the face right. 
Jay: Okay. 
Gigi: I love my husband. President Barack Obama, and our children, Sasha and Malia. 
Jay: That was spot-on. Good God. Gigi, you are really going in tonight, man. But you know -- 
Gigi: I got through it. 
Jay: The AMAs are all about the music. 
Gigi: Yes. 
Jay: That's right. 
Gigi: So, tell us who's here. 
Jay: I'm glad you asked. Who we got in the house? We got John Legend, Skylar Grey, Ariana Grande, Sting, Ciara, Cuban, Klum, whole lotta stars in the room. Ya'll made it. 
Gigi: Whoo! Yes, Jay, thank you. 
Jay: I just can't stop watching that meme. I apologize. 
Gigi: We do have an amazing night of performances planned. 
Jay: That's right. We got Rick Ross, future too, Taraji P., green day too, Nicki friends, and The Weeknd, Twenty One Pilots and them -- Ya'll made it. Okay. Okay. Okay. I swear I'm going to stop. But it's just so infectious. 
Gigi: It really is. We got Chrissy Teigen, Steven Yeun, Tim McGraw, Olivia Munn, Janelle Mona, no Kanye. But we gonna be okay. 
Jay: Y'all made it. 
Gigi: Whoo! And one of my favorite artists is here -- Bruno Mars. Wasn't he amazing? You guys. 
Jay: Yes. 
Gigi:I just want to dance that that all the time. 
Jay: He's amazing. He's also Donald Trump's favorite artist. He was like, listen. I love Bruno Mars. I don't know what color he is, so I can't deport him. I mean, everyone, everyone, everyone, look, look, he looks like Mowgli from "The Jungle Book." I love "Uptown funk." It's about me. It was originally called "Uptown Trump." Listen. I'm gonna funk this country up, bigly. 
Gigi: Okay, okay. 
Jay: It's time to get this AMA party started. 

But the Trump hits didn't stop there. Mark Cuban said he was looking forward to “not being invited to the inauguration.” Then Broadway star Idina Menzel had to chime in with a Hamilton shout out, saying, “I know how you feel. For us unsafe, scary theater people won't be invited, either. I love you, ‘Hamilton.’”

This being the AMAs, of course there were lewd performances by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj of their raunchy song “Side to Side,” including Minaj spreading her legs over her head and rubbing her barely covered crotch.

And, file this under LGBTQABCDEFG promotion, John Legend’s song “Love Me Now” included pictures of gay couples in the background. “Social media superstar” and transgender “woman” Gigi Gorgeous said, “Before we get to our next performance, I want to remind everyone that today marks the end of transgender awareness week. Which celebrates people for who they are, and who they were meant to be.”

Another awards show, another demonstration of how out-of-touch the Hollywood elite are from regular Americans who more and more are tuning them out.