'X-Files': Humanity Must End Because of Global Warming

February 23rd, 2016 12:13 AM

The special 6-episode reboot of The X-Files ended tonight and the title, “My Struggle II,” probably perfectly describes most viewers’ ability to follow the confusing new mythology of the bookend episode.

The finale harkened back to the first episode of the season when we learned that humans were being experimented on and given alien DNA. Tonight we learned that the alien DNA contained an immunity given to the few “chosen ones” to survive a global pandemic that would wipe out most of humanity.

Why the “Spartan virus” was unleashed and people were dying from compromised immune systems at this particular point in time was a struggle to understand. But things really went off the rails when we found out the series’ long-standing shadowy evil cabal leader, known only as the Cigarette Smoking Man, seems to have randomly decided to unleash hell and speed up mankind’s self-extermination – because of global warming.

-Cigarette Smoking Man: I didn't set out to destroy the world, Mulder. People did.

-Agent Fox Mulder: You can't justify your actions.

-CSM: We have just had the hottest year on record on planet Earth. I didn't do that. I'm not responsible for the 40% loss of-of bird life or the decimation of the megafauna.

-Mulder: So just murder all the people?!

-CSM: Aliens predicted all this. They saw it happening to themselves.

-Mulder: And you kept it a secret.

-CSM: Look at world history, Fox. Neither you nor I could save mankind from self-extermination.

-Mulder: So you plotted your endgame.

-CSM: I just changed the timetable. Everyone still dies in the end.

So it’s ok to kill off most of the planet because of global warming; humans did it to themselves and had it coming anyway. Meanwhile the elites decide who will survive to repopulate the planet and begin again. Sounds like a left-wing climate alarmist's dream.

The X-Files season 10 ended the way it began, with more liberal BS. What a disappointment!