WATCH: ABC’s GMA Fails to Mention ‘Biden’ When Covering Crippling Grocery Prices

April 5th, 2024 3:14 PM

Who’s the current U.S. president? ABC’s premier morning news show clearly didn’t let viewers know when covering the crippling food prices Americans are confronting at the grocery store. 

During the April 5 edition of Good Morning America, co-anchor Michael Strahan and correspondent Rebecca Jarvis broached the issue of daunting food prices, but did their best not to go as far as making Biden look bad. Strahan acknowledged, “Prices for hundreds of food items have jumped more than 50% since 2019.” However, neither Strahan nor Jarvis mentioned Biden or his out-of-control stimulus policies that exacerbated the price spikes.



Jarvis did visually demonstrate the massive difference between what a consumer could afford in 2019 versus 2024. She said, “The visual is what really creates the contrast. So this is 2019. This is what you got in 2019 for $100. Come over here. This is current day — what you get. And you see, there's an entire section that's missing because you're getting about 30 percent less these days for your money.”  But Biden’s inflation-stimulating policies had nothing to do with this, right Jarvis?

Jarvis added, “Back then you could have done the frozen foods, some meat, some hot dogs, some steaks, some strawberries. You see that's missing from over here because $100 then will now cost you about $130.” She continued: “So you want to buy all of that then? Today it would cost you $130. If your budget is $100 then you're sticking to $100, but you’re getting less.”

But any discussion of the reason Americans may be forced to make these hard choices with their money today was missing from the entire segment. 

Monthly inflation has averaged 5.6% from Feb. 2021, the first month after Biden’s inauguration, to Feb. 2024. But Strahan and Jarvis apparently didn’t find this newsworthy, since this runaway inflation contrasts sharply with 1.9% average monthly inflation under the prior administration. Likewise, consumer prices have risen 18.5% from Feb. 2021 to Feb. 2024. 

Heritage Foundation economist E.J. Antoni has repeatedly belabored the point that it is high government spending that has driven inflation, which GMA seemed intent on ignoring. 

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