USA Today Columnist Says Americans Can't Afford 'Bidenomics'

July 10th, 2023 9:27 AM

USA Today Columnist Says Americans Can't Afford 'Bidenomics' A USA Today columnist broke the leftist media ranks in a scathing criticism of “Bidenomics” on July 6.

While other liberal outlets such as CNN run cover for President Joe Biden’s failed policies, USA Today columnist Ingrid Jaqcues drove home the fact that “voters aren’t buying the president’s rosy portrayal of the economy.” Jacques also noted that to the Democrats, “more government is the answer, regardless of how stifling.” Further, Jacques explained some of the “troubles ahead for Biden’s big-spending, high-tax agenda.” Jacques lambasted Biden’s policies because they “won’t empower the middle class but will further drag the country into debt and fuel the inflation and other economic pains Americans are feeling this summer.” 

Jacques slammed “Bidenomics” as “what [Biden] believes to be the fabulous things” that he did to improve the economy. But despite this blatantly misleading pandering, Jacques said that voters “may associate Bidenomics with much more negative connotations than Biden envisions.” According to Jacques, “I hate to break the news to President Joe Biden, but he may need more than a catchy moniker to define the state of the U.S. economy and what he intends to do about it.”

Jacques noted that high inflation has been a major cause of dissatisfaction, primarily because of the issues it has brought to everyday American life. “While rates have dropped from record highs last summer, high prices have stuck around and citizens notice the damage to their finances,” Jacques stated. “That’s especially true of core inflation, which excludes much more erratic food and energy prices.”

Further, Jacques cited a Pew Research Center survey about the negative political consequences of “Bidenomics.” “[T]he Republican Party ‘holds a 12-point advantage on economic policy’ over the Democratic Party,” added Jacques. This is bad news for the left, because according to the same study, economic issues are on top of 70% of Americans’ lists of concerns. Jacques also cited polls from the Associated Press - NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and from CNN showing miserable numbers for the Biden administration’s incredibly poor handling of the economy.

Jacques’s slap down of “Bidenomics” echoed Fox Business guest anchor David Asman, who similarly highlighted Americans’ dislike of Biden’s handling of the economy. A Fox News poll showed that a whopping 76% of Americans have a “fair or poor” outlook of the economy. 

It seems that the legacy media is finally catching up to the dire economy. 

Even The New York Times editorial board admitted that the current rate at which Biden’s government is borrowing and spending money is “unsustainable.” Jacques concluded that Biden’s policies are “drag[ging] the country into debt and fuel[ing] the inflation” that faces Americans each day.

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