PATHETIC: NYT Twists Own Poll Data to Shield Biden from Atrocious Economic Numbers

December 20th, 2023 11:05 AM

The New York Times beclowned itself by twisting the results from its own poll to suppress the reality that Americans are frustrated with President Joe Biden largely because his economy stinks. 

The latest Times/Sienna poll of 1,016 registered voters, dated Dec. 19, showed that the overall economy and “inflation and the cost of living” took the top spots as the “[m]ost important problem[s]” facing the country today, accounting for 20 and 14 percent of respondents, respectively (34 percent total). But that’s not what The Times chose to highlight in its write-up of the poll results: “Poll Finds Wide Disapproval of Biden on Gaza, and Little Room to Shift Gears.” 

The Times used its lede paragraph to zero in on how younger voters were allegedly “far more critical than older voters of both Israel’s conduct and of the administration’s response to the war in Gaza.” Guess how many respondents picked “The Middle East/Israel/Palestinians” as the “most important problem” for the country today: One percent. That represents roughly less than a dozen respondents. 

Yes, the newspaper took its own poll that was an indictment against Biden’s economic policies and made the central story largely about something else entirely.

Talk about trying to get readers to strain a gnat while cheerfully swallowing a camel. In fact, the only mention that the devastating economic poll numbers got at all were two pathetic sentences buried in the eighth paragraph, and The Times still attempted to spin it positively for Biden. “Economic concerns remain paramount, with 34 percent of registered voters listing economic- or inflation-related concerns as the top issue facing the country. That’s down from 45 percent in October 2022, but still high,” The Times twisted. That was it. That was all the economic numbers were worth to the leftist rag. 

The Times’s decision to put the spotlight on younger voters’ distaste for Biden’s pro-Israel policy is also ludicrous in retrospect. National Review senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty, who was the first to call out The Times for how it reported its poll, pointed out how “[a]mong voters ages 18 to 29, just 3 percent answered that the most important problem facing the country was ‘the Middle East/Israel/Palestinians.’” He continued: “The Times poll had 179 respondents in the demographic from 18 to 29, so that means about five or six people in the entire poll were considered young voters and prioritized the Middle East as the most important problem facing the country.” But The Times was sure to embellish how “[m]ost young voters, however, responded to question after question with answers showing that they see the worst in Israel.” [Emphasis added.]

Geraghty ripped The Times for its deception:

Biden is not trailing Trump because young people are upset with the president’s stance on Israel. This is the answer that certain people at the New York Times want to be true, but not the answer that is true.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The New York Times at 800-698-4637 and demand it stop gaslighting readers about the results of its own poll to protect Biden’s atrocious economic record.