WACKY: Christian Science Monitor Editor Praises Bidenomics as ‘Stealthily Revolutionary’

October 4th, 2023 12:50 PM

The Christian Science Monitor has emerged to promote one of the dumbest media takes on the Bidenomics disaster yet.

CSM editor Mark Sappenfield sung the praises of President Joe Biden’s illusory economic prowess in a dense Oct. 2 commentary piece headlined: “President Joe Biden’s ‘stealth’ revolution.” Sappenfield’s nonsense spoke for itself in the sub-headline: “Mr. Biden’s economic plan may or may not win over voters next year. But ‘Bidenomics’ does try to treat the United States as one nation, not just as factions of red or blue.” Oh but it gets better. Sappenfield used the reporting by one of his colleagues on Biden’s green energy obsession to drool over how Bidenomics was supposedly “stealthily revolutionary” as it “promises a greener economy, appealing to coastal liberals.” Here’s the interesting part: The word “inflation” doesn’t appear once throughout Sappenfield’s piece, perhaps because even mentioning it would undo his entire argument. 

In Sappenfield’s revisionist worldview, the supposed genius of Bidenomics was allegedly Biden’s so-called “reading of the American public’s weariness with the small-government, free market policies that have guided the United States since President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.” He must have missed the Sept. 7 CNN poll which found that 58 percent of Americans blamed Biden’s Big Government spending policies for worsening economic conditions for the country. In July, yet another devastating CBS News poll found that 65% of Americans thought the economy under Biden was “bad.” Talk about a serious disconnect from Sappenfield’s readership.  But he wouldn’t abandon his cesspool logic. He even had the audacity to claim that Bidenomics “marks an intriguing attempt to treat the country, well, as one country.” Somebody make it make sense!

To support his argument, Sappenfield claimed Bidenomics was “funneling manufacturing jobs to Georgia and Arizona, crucial states that [Biden] turned blue in 2020." But he neglected to mention how the inflation crisis brought on by Biden’s asinine spending policies was contributing to the economic plight of both states. In July, Common Sense Institute Arizona reported that the typical Arizona household spent “a combined $21,266 more on food, housing, transportation, medical care, and other goods and services since the end of 2020.” In its September inflation update, CSI reported that “real wages in Arizona have fallen 9.4% since peaking in April 2020.” In addition, “today it costs the typical Arizona family over $2,700/year more to purchase the same goods and services as it would have cost in August 2022.” 

Over in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp (R) just recently declared a state of emergency Sept. 12 “due to the 40-year-high inflation and negative economic conditions felt by hardworking Georgians as a result of policies coming out of Washington, D.C.” In a statement, Kemp put the blame at Bidenomics’ feet: “‘From runaway federal spending to policies that hamstring domestic energy production, all Bidenomics has done is take more money out of the pockets of the middle class.’” 

Sappenfield concluded by regurgitating his mindless comparison of Bidenomics to Reaganomics:

Forty years ago, Reaganomics put America on a new path of states’ rights and small government. Today, Bidenomics is an attempt to recalibrate, if not reverse, that course. Yet the impetus behind both is the same: to harness the power of a nation that possesses remarkable resources and a diversity of strengths.

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