WATCH: FBN's Maria Bartiromo Tears Apart ‘Tone Deaf’ Biden for Reckless Spending Obsession

September 16th, 2022 1:42 PM

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo has had it with President Joe Biden’s administration for spending trillions like it’s going out of style while the nation reels from an inflation crisis.

Bartiromo smacked the Biden White House for its inflation-instigating policies during the Sept. 15 edition of Fox News’s America’s Newsroom. “Remember, the polls that you showed at the top of this show, show Americans think this administration is incompetent,” she said. “It’s not just incompetence, it’s also tone deaf, because it keeps coming out with more spending.”

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) estimated Sept. 13 that the Biden administration oversaw at least $4.6 trillion in new spending.

Worse is CRFB’s note that Biden “enacted policies through legislation and executive actions that will add more than $4.8 trillion to deficits between 2021 and 2031.” 



The Fox Business host continued to tear into the Biden White House’s gaslighting to make the economy seem like peaches and cream while the average working man suffers.

“[Y]ou haven’t seen an acknowledgement from this administration that all of this spending continues to stoke inflation and the spending needs to stop to have people believe that they’ve actually got inflation under control,” she said. “You just go to the store, you’ll see the inflation right in your face.” Bartiromo earlier pointed to one example where “[s]omebody yesterday on Mornings with Maria told me that they ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and it was $20, and I was like, ‘What?’”

Bartiromo also tackled the news that unions representing tens of thousands of workers and railroad companies reached a tentative deal to avoid an economically disastrous strike. The agreement — brokered by Biden’s Labor Secretary Martin Walsh — “would increase worker wages by a total of 24 percent over five years, stretching back to 2020,” according to The New York Times. 

“That’s just going to be more spending and more money in the system,” Bartiromo rebuked. “They wanted [a] 14.1 percent wage increase. Again, that’s on top of the student loan bailout, on top of the infrastructure spending, on top of the [Sen. Joe] Manchin (D-WV)-[Sen. Chuck] Schumer (D-NY) expectations of more spending.”

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