Woke Credit Cards? Chris Rufo Says American Express Launched Gross Critical Race Theory Program

August 12th, 2021 12:54 PM

American Big Tech companies apparently aren’t the only ones pushing woke ideologies. American Express (AmEx) was allegedly exposed for instituting a vehemently anti-American Critical Race Theory training program for its employees.

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo reportedly exposed how “AmEx executives created an internal ‘Anti-Racism Initiative’ that subjects employees to an extensive training program based on the core tenets of critical race theory.” The tenets included “‘systemic racism,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘intersectionality,’” according to alleged whistleblower documents obtained by Rufo. He reported in a tweet that the company has been using an outside firm to teach employees to “deconstruct their ‘race, sexual orientation, body type, religion, disability status, age, gender identity, [and] citizenship’ onto an official company worksheet.” The employees were then reportedly asked to “determine where they stand on a hierarchy of ‘privilege.’”

But it got worse. According to Rufo’s analysis:

AmEx then instructs employees to change their behavior in the office based on their relative position on the racial and sexual hierarchy. For example, if a member of a subordinate group is present, employees should practice ‘intersectional allyship’ and defer to them.

In addition, employees were reportedly barred from uttering common phrases like "‘I don't see color,’ ‘[w]e are all human beings,’ and ‘[e]veryone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough,’” according to Rufo. American Express reportedly considered the phrases as "‘microaggressor[s],’" against black colleagues.

But AmEx’s reportedly grotesque adoption of racial justice politics extended further, and included attacks on capitalism, which the company uses to make its business. The company invited leftist Harvard Kennedy School Ford Foundation Professor of History, Race and Public Policy Khalil Muhammad to “lecture on ‘race in corporate America,’” Rufo reported. Muhammad — the great-grandson of radical Nation of Islam Founder Elijah Muhammad — “said the company should reduce credit standards for black customers and sacrifice profits in the interest of race-based reparations,” Rufo tweeted.

Rufo concluded his investigation by pointing out American Express appearing to ironically attack America for its “‘racist heritage’”:

Finally, AmEx recommends a series of resources for employees to dedicate themselves ‘to the lifelong task of overcoming our country’s racist heritage.’ These materials endorse ‘prison abolition,’ race-based reparations, and the idea that white children are racist.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact ABC News (818-460-7477), CBS News (212-975-3247) and NBC News (212- 664-6192) and demand they investigate the reported anti-American Critical Race Theory program from American Express.