Bezos Will Reportedly Spend Bulk of $124 Billion Net Worth Fighting ‘Climate Change’

November 14th, 2022 1:21 PM

Lauren Sanchez (left) and Jeff Bezos (right)Washington Post owner and climate hypocrite Jeff Bezos announced plans to give most of his net worth to ending climate change in a fawning interview with CNN Business. 

When asked if he planned to give his wealth away “in his lifetime,” Bezos answered: “Yeah, I do.” The former Amazon CEO told CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas that he and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, were “building the capacity to be able to give away this money” in a Nov. 12 interview.

CNN Business reported that Bezos will “devote the bulk of his wealth to fighting climate change and supporting people who can unify humanity in the face of deep social and political divisions.”



Bezos also said he still believed the American Dream “is and will be even more attainable in the future.” He has certainly benefited over the last few years, as pandemic-era restrictions drove small businesses into bankruptcy, making Amazon even wealthier. Bezos is currently the fourth richest man in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, sitting on a fortune of $124 billion.  

Bezos has postured himself as a green champion for years. In 2020, Bezos made headlines when he pledged $10 billion of his personal wealth to form the Bezos Earth Fund. He exposed himself as a mega-climate hypocrite in February, when BBC and other outlets reported that the billionaire’s fossil-fuel-spewing, 417-foot-long superyacht would require the dismantlement of one of The Netherland's oldest bridges. 

CNN made no mention of Bezos’s superyacht or general climate hypocrisy in either the interview clips or the article, however. 

Asked if the U.S. had entered a recession, Bezos gave this halting response: “I don’t know whether we’re technically in a recession. Economists argue over that, and they have certain technical definitions.” 

That’s quite the understatement. 

For the “past century,” as economist Phillip Magness explained in August, a recession has primarily been defined as GDP falling for two consecutive quarters. That’s precisely what happened in July, per a Bureau of Economic Analysis report, but President Joe Biden’s media cronies have been crusading to redefine the meaning of the word “recession” in an attempt to stem political backlash from President Joe Biden’s economic disaster.

But Bezos admitted that the economy is in bad shape, even predicting a recession. “What I can tell you is the economy does not look great right now,” he said. “Things are slowing down. You’re seeing layoffs in many, many sectors of the economy. People are slowing down. The probabilities say if we’re not in a recession right now, we’re likely to be in one very soon.” [Emphasis added.]

Bezos gave similar advice to his over 5 million Twitter followers in October, telling them to “batten down the hatches” in the face of a likely recession.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact CNN at 404-827-1500 and demand the outlet report honestly on billionaires preaching about climate change in public and building superyachts and flying on private jets in private.