NYT Columnist WHINES People ‘Abandon’ Leftist Policy Wish List When ‘Pocketbooks Suffer’

October 20th, 2022 4:02 PM

A wildly pro-abortion columnist for The New York Times scolded Americans for daring to abandon so-called leftist “principles” when a bad economy eats into their “pocketbooks.”

NYT Columnist Charles Blow “I have seen repeatedly how people abandon their principles — whether they be voting rights, transgender issues, gun control, police reform, civil rights, climate change or the protection of our democracy itself — when their pocketbooks suffer,” Times columnist Charles Blow wrote, completely disregarding the millions of Americans suffering under 40-year highs in inflation, including skyrocketing food prices. His insane 807-word Oct. 19 op-ed was headlined, “The Battle Between Pocketbooks and Principles.”

Blow contrasted Americans struggling to make ends meet to Americans with “principles” who should be more concerned with, as one example, the slaughter of children. “What is the point of a cheaper tank of gas, if it must be had in a failed democracy that polices people’s most intimate choices about their own bodies?” [Emphasis added]. “I still believe that anger over abortion will be felt in the midterms,” he wrote later. “I believe that taking away such a fundamental right feels like a betrayal that must be avenged.” 

Blow was talking, of course, about abortion, a word which he repeated nine times in his anti-pro-life, anti-traditional family rant. To put that into perspective, he mentions “transgender issues, gun control, police reform, civil rights” and “climate change” a grand total of one time each. 

Blow argued that “anger over abortion” can be “potent,” perhaps even determinative “in some races,” but he claimed it is a “narrower issue” because those “assigned male at birth” cannot have an abortion. Yes, he used “assigned male at birth” to describe men.

First, no person assigned male at birth will ever have to personally wrestle with a choice to receive an abortion or deal with health complications from a pregnancy that might necessitate an abortion,” Blow claimed. “So, for half the electorate, the issue is a matter of principle rather than one of their own bodily autonomy.” [Emphasis added]. 

That Americans don’t seem to have fallen for President Joe Biden’s costly attempts at political bribery was apparently a major sore point for The Times columnist. He pointed to a Times/Siena poll in an attempt to prove his point.

When “voters were asked, ‘What do you think is the MOST important problem facing the country today?’" 26 percent said the economy, and "18 percent said inflation or the cost of living. Just seven percent said the state of democracy, and four percent said abortion,” Blow whined.

Blow also defended fury over the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that dismantled Roe v. Wade:

“Incandescent rage, however brightly it burns at the start, has a tendency to dim. People can’t maintain anger for extended periods. It tends to wear on the mind and the body, as everyday issues like gas and rent and inflation push to get back into primary consideration.”


Conservatives are under attack. Contact The New York Times at 1-800-698-4637 and demand that it distance itself from Blow’s grossly condescending remarks to Americans struggling in Biden’s awful economy.