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Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's website. Previously, he was a contributing editor and the MRC's senior news analyst.  Scott's work has been published in The Washington Times (here as well), National Review Online and other outlets. He has been cited in publications such as The Washington Post, Red State, to name a few. Scott's articles have also repeatedly been linked to on the Drudge Report.   

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An unlikely source threw cold water on the Democratic effort (backed by the liberal media) to label all non-Bernie Sanders candidates as “moderates” or centrists. Former adviser to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett appeared on CBS This Morning, Thursday and responded to these talking points from co-host Tony Dokoupil. According to Jarrett, there's barely any difference” between the Democrats. 

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, the keyword is “moderate.” In a single hour, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and one of her guests referred to the non-Bernie Sanders 2020 candidates as “moderate” four times. This despite the fact that Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg and others are quite liberal. 

The thrill is gone. Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews isn't happy with Bernie Sanders. This is quite a contrast to the Matthews of exactly 12 years ago tonight. On February 12, 2008, the liberal journalist swooned for Barack Obama, telling the country that the charismatic Democrat sent a “thrill” up his leg: 

MSNBC on Tuesday night managed to sound like it was 2008 all over again. Just after midnight, reporter Vaughn Hillyard offered up Obama-era gush, touting Pete Buttigieg as an “amazing human being” who does “everything perfectly.” Talking to Katy Tur and other MSNBC journalists, Hillyard rhapsodized over Buttigieg’s ability to give speeches: “And if you go back and read the transcript of his speech, it’s like he typed it out and he has the comma and everything perfectly because he speaks in perfect sentences. It’s impressive. He's an amazing human being.” 

As New Hampshire’s election returns continued to come in, Chris Matthews grew more frustrated. After comparing some Democratic primary voters to drunks who “want a ride home,” the Hardball host admitted to being “frustrated” and not having the answers on how to beat Donald Trump. After Brian Williams turned to Matthews for answers, the MSNBC host lamented, “So I'm a bit frustrated, and I'm not the answer to all questions. Brian and Rachel, I'm just not tonight. I'm a little frustrated because I don't know what this” all means. 

The early results have been coming in for New Hampshire and the cable reaction is split. Chris Matthews, who has raged against the socialism of Bernie Sanders, on Tuesday compared some Democratic voters to drunks: “There seem to be a civil war between those who want a revolution, which I think is a minority in the party, and those who want a ride home. They want a designated driver. Get ‘em home.” 

During the 2020 Democratic primaries, CBS This Morning journalists have repeatedly spun several of the candidates as “moderates.” (With the exception of socialist Bernie Sanders. That would probably be too much of a stretch.) This happened again on Monday as Ed O’Keefe labeled liberal Senator Amy Klobuchar a “moderate.” He also touted which candidates in New Hampshire are securing the “moderate” vote. 

To use a massive understatement, journalists aren't fans of Donald Trump. This is quite the contrast to how they covered Barack Obama. Sometimes people forget just HOW much they liked him, such as the media personality who speculated on having sex with him. It was 11 years ago this week, on February 5, 2009, that the New York Times website published a piece on fantasizing about sex with the Democrat. 

Liberal CNN journalist Jim Acosta appeared at Point Park University on Thursday to lecture on how his truth telling “gets under your skin.” Acosta also explained his worry that the President’s comments could lead to violence against the press. According to a story in The Pitt News on Friday, “The concern I have is that if you have a situation here in the U.S. where a journalist is seriously injured or killed, we cease being the United States of America that we grew up with.” 

CNN on Thursday hosted another series of town halls with Democratic candidates. Anderson Cooper and the assembled questioners mostly tossed softballs to socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. But four of the eye rolling queries really stood out. Here are the first two: Questioner Robin Clark wondered, “I was wondering, why do you care so fervently about economic inequities?” (Was “How did you get so great” too obvious a question?)

Chris Matthews came completely unglued on Thursday night. Here’s just a few of the descriptions he had for Donald Trump and his supporters: “Violent,” “cult,” “violent purge,” “goose steppinng,” “dictator.” Regarding Trump’s comments made at the White House, Matthews suggested that, given a few less constitutional restrictions, the President would be preparing for violence: “As I jotted down Trump's words, I wondered what they would mean in a country where the targets of such invective were not protected by a Constitution such as ours.”

The CBS and NBC evening newscasts on Thursday complained about Donald Trump’s reaction to his impeachment acquittal. CBS called it a “stark contrast” to the dignified response by Bill Clinton. NBC fretted that the President “shattered the bipartisan tradition” of the National Prayer Breakfast. (Forgetting that Obama mixed politics too.) 

MSNBC reacted to the acquittal of Donald Trump in the Senate with a predictably unhappy tone, speculating about the day when the truth will really come out. But Brian Williams took it a step farther and questioned the faith of certain unnamed senators.

MSNBC journalists on Wednesday responded with excitement to the news that Mitt Romney will vote to convict and remove Donald Trump from office. Brian Williams cheered that the move as “historic” and will “cement Romney’s legacy.” Reporter Garrett Haake touted it as “unlocking his super power.” Williams, who famously lost his job as anchor of the NBC Nightly News, marveled at taking seriously one’s oath: “How about a guy willing to talk about the consequences of taking an oath before his God?” 

What would MSNBC late night be without a Nazi reference? Earlier in the evening, Brian Williams assailed the State of the Union address as “dark” and “bizarre. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Jonathan Alter saw shades of Joseph Goebbels and “the big lie.” 

Of course, hard-left CNN journalist Jim Acosta couldn’t let a touching moment in Tuesday’s State of the Union go without injecting liberal spin onto it. Regarding the President’s awarding of the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, Acosta smeared the radio star as a racist, claiming a “history of  making derogatory comments about African-Americans.” I

Just seconds after Donald Trump ended his third State of the Union address on Tuesday, — a speech that saw tributes to the heroics of our military and awarding Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom —  MSNBC’s Brian Williams, immediately bashed it as “dark,” “bizarre” and “unusual.” Williams immediately launched into attack mode, decrying: “Hard to put how unusual this was from the Speaker of the House ending by pointedly ripping up the text of the speech, to the President here engaging for the second time the chief justice who is sitting as judge at his impeachment trial, which continues tomorrow.” 

What was Chris Matthews thinking about in the moments before the State of the Union? Politics? Policy? Nope. He was explaining to the MSNBC audience how Donald Trump is like Satan and Americans are making a “deal with the devil” if they reelect him. Referencing the tempation of Christ by Satan, Matthews said of Americans: “[Trump] will tell us why we should love him. He will promise us the world if we only bow down and worship him. If this sounds familiar, it's happened before. You may have read about it before, probably in church. It's the classic deal with the devil.” 

You know it’s bad when partisan Democrat James Carville has to be the one to call out the party’s far-left tilt. Appearing on MSNBC, Tuesday, the former Bill Clinton operative warned of a coming liberal “cult” and blasted the press for going “AOC crazy.” He repeatedly predicted that Democrats could turn into the deeply unpopular British Labour Party. Clearly, Carville isn’t a fan of socialism as a winning strategy. He told journalists Brian Williams and others: “The press corps went AOC crazy." 

As the Democratic caucus in Iowa descended into chaos and mockery, Chris Matthews turned up just before midnight on Monday to trash the “three car funeral” and suggest it might be a preview of a coming Democratic disaster for the party. He also warned of a “historic loss for the country” if Democrats couldn’t get their act together. Matthews fumed, “The guy in the White House is chuckling all night here, showing the Democrats can't even get a three car funeral organized or whatever you want to call it. I would say to the people of Iowa, ‘Will the last person leaving Des Moines, please turn out the lights?’”  This has not been a success.”