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In a new low, the Associated Press has dealt another race card from the bottom of the deck. In a slanted piece called, “Katrina, Aftermath Galvanize Black America,” author Jesse Washington includes quotes from the inane:

Our friends over at the AP who never tire of using any excuse to Bush-bash are at it again in style.

In an utterly disgraceful (even for them) grab for another anti-war family dustup, the Associated Press today unleashed a story called, “Troops' Gravestones Have Pentagon Slogans.”

When they’re not outright telling us what to think, the AP sometimes points out the tediously banal and attempts to use that to influence public opinion. Take today’s John Roberts-bashing piece called, “Roberts' Writings Reveal Strong Views.”

Described alternately as “insular,” “Mayberry-like,” and “nearly all-white,” AP writers Tom Coyne and Ashley M. Heher have raised serious questions about the racial integrity of John Roberts’ boyhood town.

It almost happened; an AP article on President Bush that did not include an anti-war slant. The 444-word piece by Nedra Pickler titled, “Ride With Armstrong Among Bush's Plans,” reports on an upcoming riding date at Crawford, Texas featuring biking legend Lance Armstrong and the president.

Earlier this week, AP writer Tom Raum did a ‘Newsview’ piece, ripping President Bush’s nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Today, he’s back as a Newsview commentator repeating his own ‘Breaking News’ story from yesterday word for word.

Despite assertions otherwise, the liberal media in general and the AP specifically continue to make Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ Catholic faith an issue. In a piece called, “Roberts, Catholics at center of scrutiny,” they titularly admit it.

Richard N. Ostling’s first paragraph:

Okay, so they call it a “Newsview,” which is, I guess, the AP’s way of sliming the administration under its supposedly unbiased banner and not being called on it. Sorry Tom Raum, you’re over the line on this one fella.

The Associated Press, for years considered by many to be an ‘objective’ source for news, has been out of the partisan closet most noticeably since the onset of the War on Terror. The leftward tilt of their coverage is made more maddening since they are ubiquitous; appearing in both news giants like USA Today and your own small-town paper.