AP on Roberts: Different Day, Same Story

When they’re not outright telling us what to think, the AP sometimes points out the tediously banal and attempts to use that to influence public opinion. Take today’s John Roberts-bashing piece called, “Roberts' Writings Reveal Strong Views.”

Among his insidious “views,” are these; “In one paper for his boss, he slipped in that he routinely worked until 10:30 at night,” and “He joked when a $25 ticket was dismissed that the hearing examiner's ‘learning and insight are wasted at Traffic Court.’” And, probably most shocking of all, “He once wrote an entire memo in French.”

The piece then goes on to cite other writings by “a loyal foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution.” In their eagerness to paint him as a rank partisan, maybe the AP should heed a Roberts quote from their own article:

"It really should not matter what the personal ideology of our (judicial) appointees may be, so long as they recognize that their ideology should have no role in the decisional process."

Roberts Nomination Associated Press

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