AP Distorts Republican Senator's Remarks

Okay, so they call it a “Newsview,” which is, I guess, the AP’s way of sliming the administration under its supposedly unbiased banner and not being called on it. Sorry Tom Raum, you’re over the line on this one fella.

In analyzing President Bush’s recess appointment of John Bolton to the U.N., Raum dredges up all of the same adjectives used by ‘objective’ AP reporter-types when it comes to the Bushies and Bolton.

“In-your-face gesture,” “built-in handicaps,” “lame duck,” “streak of stubbornness,” “confrontational,” are just a few of the niceties that grace the prose of Mr. Raum’s tirade--fair enough when the piece is supposed to espouse an opinion. But in his commentary role, he could at least use quotes in context. Consider the following, especially the lack of an ellipsis:

Some Republicans weren't too happy, either, although they generally said they understood Bush's rationale. "I understand why the president had to do this," said Sen. George Allen, R-Va, adding: "I think it's unfortunate that he had to use this option."

The actual quote, courtesy of Mr. Raum’s friends at the AP:

"I accept and understand why the president had to do this. I think it's unfortunate that he had to use this option because John Bolton was denied the fairness of an up-or-down vote. I think John Bolton is well qualified. He is principled. And he will advocate for the U.S. taxpayers." -- Sen. George Allen, R-Va.

Mr. Raum’s byline states that he “has covered national and international affairs for Washington for The Associated Press since 1973.” That explains why this reads like one of their regular stories.

Associated Press

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