AP Bush Hit Piece: So Nice, They Ran it Twice

Earlier this week, AP writer Tom Raum did a ‘Newsview’ piece, ripping President Bush’s nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Today, he’s back as a Newsview commentator repeating his own ‘Breaking News’ story from yesterday word for word.

The identical pieces, entitled, “Deadly Attacks Put New Pressure on Bush,” start off quoting their own AP/Ipsos poll showing the president’s Iraq approval rating down to 38 percent, “among younger women, especially those who live in the suburbs, and among men with a high school education or less.” Big surprise there.

The next line, “The president's fellow Republicans are growing nervous as they head into an election year,” rolls nicely off the tongue yet there are no supporting quotes, just wishful thinking on Mr. Raum’s part

Raum then goes on to quote various “Iraqi experts” and “political scientists” who predict that the in the upcoming elections the GOP is damned if we have an exit strategy and damned if we don’t.

More wishful thinking posing as news?

Iraq Associated Press

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