AP: Democratic Nation To Be Based on Religion (Hint, Not the USA)

The Associated Press, for years considered by many to be an ‘objective’ source for news, has been out of the partisan closet most noticeably since the onset of the War on Terror. The leftward tilt of their coverage is made more maddening since they are ubiquitous; appearing in both news giants like USA Today and your own small-town paper.

This week, in a little number called, “Islam Dominates Iraq's Draft Constitution,” they predict the future:

Framers of Iraq's constitution will designate Islam as the main source of legislation - a departure from the model set down by U.S. authorities during the occupation - according to a draft published Tuesday.

The draft states no law will be approved that contradicts "the rules of Islam" - a requirement that could affect women's rights and set Iraq on a course far different from the one envisioned when U.S.-led forces invaded in 2003 to topple Saddam Hussein.

"Islam is the official religion of the state and is the main source of legislation," reads the draft published in the government newspaper Al-Sabah. "No law that contradicts with its rules can be promulgated."

This news must have come to a shock to anyone who has read the Interim Constitution, signed early last year and approved by the Coalition, which basically says the same thing, in addition to Chapter Two, Article 12:

All Iraqis are equal in their rights without regard to gender, sect, opinion, belief, nationality, religion, or origin, and they are equal before the law. Discrimination against an Iraqi citizen on the basis of his gender, nationality, religion, or origin is prohibited. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the security of his person. No one may be deprived of his life or liberty, except in accordance with legal procedures. All are equal before the courts.

Doesn’t sound like your typical Sharia law to me.

In seeking to plant the notion that the liberation of Iraq is a miserable failure that will only lead to the creation of another Islamic despotism under Sharia law like Iran, AP ignores the facts:

  • That there have been numerous other drafts drawn up and rejected so far.

  • That there are many sects of Islam with different customs in Iraq.

  • That there were protests in Baghdad when news of this latest draft hit the streets.

  • That the Grand Ayatollah Sistani has stated he disapproves of Sharia law for Iraq.

  • And most importantly, that no voting or man-made law is allowed under the rules of Sharia.

The Iraq Constitution, when completed and presented to the people for ratification will call to mind the millions of purple fingers displayed during last year’s election; fingers defiantly stuck into the eyes of folks like those at the AP.

Associated Press

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