Media Continue to Ignore Kevin Jennings' Controversial Background

The mainstream media continue to ignore the outrageous background of Obama’s “safe school czar” Kevin Jennings. So far very little, if any, coverage on this has been done by media other than FOX. Blogger Jim Hoft at Big Government has been doing an excellent job however. People should be demanding this guy be removed! If you are unfamiliar with all of this here is a sample:

GLSEN offered sex education seminars to young teenagers within the framework of public education that went way, way beyond explanations of human biology and disease transmission. According to multiple sources, GLSEN discussed “fisting”, oral sex etiquette, and other techniques to 14-year-olds, until the program got exposed by local Massachusetts media, and the instructor got fired as a scapegoat. Jim has the audio from one of the seminars, discussing the proper hand position for “fisting”:

Margot Abels, who got fired by GLSEN after the content of the seminars became known, says Jennings and others at GLSEN knew the content of their curriculum and approved it. If one sees the handout material GLSEN provided for these classes, that becomes rather obvious:

This is insane that Kevin Jennings still holds this position after being exposed with such an agenda.  Where is the outrage?  People need to speak up, send letters, storm the phones, and demand this guy be removed!  I don't expect the media too, but the public needs to quickly and loudly!


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