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I certainly don't expect the media to cover the Obama campaign's lack of decency in their last campaign ad video pointing out John McCain's inability to send emails.  There are only two explanations to their insensitivity.  Either they are mocking John McCain, or they lack in their own abilities on the internet.  Either way, it should be a major embarrassment for the Obama folks.  Of course, the media will pretend to be ignorant of it all.

Susan Duclos writes:

Much has been discussed about John McCain not being able to use a computer and in an ad from the Barack Obama campaign (shown above) it says, “Can’t send an email,” referencing McCain. An article in from 2000, shows McCain cannot type on a keyboard.

It took a blogger from The Corner less than a day to find an article in that references John McCain injuries from Vietnam, showing he cannot tie his shoes, comb his hair properly or “typing on a keyboard,” stating it was because of his severe war injuries, which limit his ability to do certain things with his hands.

Hubris was indeed revealed in the ABC interview with Sarah Palin, and it wasn't coming from Sarah Palin, but Charlie Gibson. But there was more than Charlie's sneering condescending tone, looking down over the rim of his glasses like some snobby intellectual that bothered me. Twisting her words into a fabrication feeding the fear of theocracy was utterly insulting. It was especially insulting to claim that these were her "exact words" after being challenged on it.

CNN got duped! The supposed photo of Sarah Palin in an American flag bikini holding a rifle is a proven photoshop.

But Lola Ogunnaike, entertainment reporter for CNN’s American Morning, seems to believe the image is authentic. Yesterday she told Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz that Palin should maybe avoid posing with guns like this, because it might come back to bite her in the ass:

All the spin will make you dizzy. Obama digs the hole deeper. After the media ignored the Obama campaign admitting that he lied about a vote he made in 2003 in favor of infanticide, now Obama is accusing others of “attacking” him with “outrageous lies”!

“Senator Obama strongly supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. He believes that there is a moral and ethical element to this issue, and he believes that women do not make these decisions casually, but wrestle with them in consultation with their doctors, pastors and family. Senator Obama understands that some will disagree with him and choose not to support him, and he respects those with different opinions.

 Update:  After all the MSM ranting of an unfair trial, Hamdan gets 66 months including five years and a month time already served.

As soon as Salim Ahmed Hamdan was convicted Wednesday, July 6, there were several things expected

Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson all togetherIn a rare self admission, the media admits they are in the tank for Obama. IHT - Media stars will accompany Obama overseas

The Iranians doctored a photo adding in a fourth missile, to cover up a failed one. The blogosphere exposed the manipulated photo. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs was the first to the scene.

If you are unaware that America is on the cusp of a spectacular victory against Al Qaeda in Iraq, its most likely because you read American newspapers and watch American news.  We are closing in on a trap around 1,200 terrorists in Iraq that will effectively put an end to Al Qaeda in Iraq, but this report is oddly absent in American media.  They missed the boat on this one, but the Times of London reports:

Check out this video of Glenn Beck discussing with Bobby Jindal how the media has ignored the numerous flip-flops of Barack Obama.

If you haven't heard about the Massachusetts Democrat representative James Fagan going on a rant against child rape victims yet, its most likely because there was limited media coverage.

Here is what he said:

Watch this video where Chris Matthews displays his utter lack of class with Keith Olbermann. While almost every other journalist and blogger on both sides of the political spectrum are giving condolences and highlighting Russert’s deserved credit of being one of the most fair and unbiased journalists of today’s media, Chris Matthews used the opportunity to go off on an anti-war rant.

This is pretty serious stuff that the American public surely would like more details on. Can we expect the MSM to follow up on this with some questions? Probably not, but they need to.

Marc Ambinder notes how the Democratic Justice Department will be interested in making a case against senior Bush adminstration officials in the future.

Add another one to the ever-growing list of radical connections and friendships of Obama.

Ed Morrisey:

It is absolutely sickening how the media worship Barack Obama!  Check out how blatant this SF Chronicle article is:

His wife going off on a rant about how evil "whitey" is, and conspiracies that he is a covert Muslim trying to infiltrate our democracy are nothing more than rumors. However, there are plenty of things the media don’t put enough focus on that are true about the Obamas.

I just wanted to provide a little follow-up to Brad Wilmouth's excellent coverage of Keith Olbermann's outrageous performance of telling the President to "shut the hell up". If you didn't hear about this you can find the transcript of his rant here. (See also video embedded below page break)

I wanted to provide this follow-up because I thought the readers at NewsBusters would enjoy this video of Fox and Friends nailing MSNBC and Olbermann for their bias.

Amazingly, Barack Obama claims to have visited 57 states!  I'm going to be generous and chalk this gaffe up to exhaustion, because it is difficult for me to fathom that someone who wants to be the President of the United States could actually be this stupid.  Watch the video.

photo of Ayers by Chicago Magazine | NewsBusters.orgThere is a huge blogswarm going on about this photo, from Chicago Magazine, of Obama's unrepentant terrorist associate, Bill Ayers stomping on the American flag.