Obama Was Confirmed Member of Socialist 'New' Party, Media Ignore

What should be front page news informing and warning Americans is going entirely unnoticed by the MSM. It couldn’t be any more obvious the media are in the tank for Obama. Stanley Kurtz asks, “where's the press”?

In “Something New Here,” I laid out Barack Obama’s ties to the far-left New Party. Blogger Trevor Loudon, of New Zeal, did the pioneering work on this issue. Today, Loudon has posted good quality scans of New Party documents and pictures confirming Obama’s membership. We’ve seen most of this information before (although only recently), but never so clearly.

With all its lengthy background pieces, has the New York Times ever noted that Barack Obama was endorsed by, and was a member of, the New Party? What about the Washington Post? Has any major television network, any national news magazine, or any major daily newspaper ever mentioned that Barack Obama was endorsed by, or was a member of, the New Party? If any such outlet has ever mentioned that fact, have they ever gone on to explain in any depth exactly what the New Party was? For example, have they laid out the extremely close ties between the New Party in Chicago and ACORN? Especially with issue of Obama’s ties to ACORN so much in the news, isn’t this a major story right now?

Can any blogger out there answer these questions? I repeat: Has any major television network, any national news magazine, or any major daily newspaper ever mentioned Barack Obama’s membership in, or endorsement by, the New Party, and then gone on to explore and explain what the New Party was, including its ties to ACORN? Isn’t the membership of a major party nominee and currently favored candidate to become president of the United States in a third party a major news story? Is it not the height of press irresponsibility to ignore this fact?

Now some folks might be disturbed by Obama’s New Party membership and/or endorsement, and some may not. But isn’t this something the American people are entitled to know and decide on for themselves?

Indeed they should, and they should also be informed of many other pieces of a disturbing puzzle. When you put the main puzzle pieces the media ignore together it paints a scary picture. The media ignore Obama’s connections with the Kenyan radical revolutionary Odinga and his participation in a socialist revolution there. They also ignore the details of Obama’s connections with William Ayers and just how radical the teachings of Ayers are. They also ignore that he has preached these same teachings as recently as 2002 (Audio), doesn’t regret them, and wishes he had done more bombings!

The guy that Barack Obama shared an office with for three years is as radical as they come, and Obama is a liar when he tells folks he thought the man was rehabilitated. You can’t rehabilitate monsters, and Obama respects the man that headed up the Weather Underground. Scary!

The guy on this video is Larry Grathwol who became a member of the Weather Underground as an undercover operative for law enforcement. He reveals details of their plans to take over the government, set up re-education camps, and “eliminate” an estimated 25 million that would not be able to be re-educated.

All of this has been ignored completely by the media, but what a scary picture it paints when you put the pieces together.

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