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Speaking on SI Now video, Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg said the San Antonio Spurs' players might not show up to play in the NBA's Western Conference Finals if their coach didn't take strong anti-President Trump political stands.

Sports media have now descended to the point where reporters are judging free agent athletes on how well they fit with potential new teams based on their activism. And judging by the strong activism among members of the Seattle Seahawks, the NFC West Division team is a good fit for radioactive activist Colin Kaepernick in the view of SB Nation's Christian D'Andrea.

Long-time ESPN veterans and untouchable survivors of multiple layoffs, Jeremy Schaap and Bob Ley say sticking to sports will not work in the modern world of sports. Ley also says, according to Travis Waldron of The Huffington Post, that those who say ESPN is too political are hypocrites.

Three Baltimore police officers were acquitted of charges in the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore last year. Charges against three remaining officers were dropped. Three of those police officers are Black, three White. If you didn’t know any of this before Thursday night’s airing on TNT of “American Race – Baltimore Rising,” you sure didn’t get it on this program co-produced by retired NBA player Charles Barkley.

If race baiters were hoping retired NBA player Charles Barkley would rubber stamp Black Lives Matter-style, police-bashing racism on his four-part TNT series American Race, they may be in for disappointment.

Ever since ESPN sacked 100 on-air employees and sent them packing April 26, conservatives and leftists have debated the reason for the network's latest round of layoffs. "Chord-cutting," say those on the Left, as well as ESPN management. "Radical turn-off politics," say the conservatives.​

How can NFL teams possibly conceive of drafting college players under suspicion of having committed heinous crimes while leaving the humanitarian/champion of free speech Colin Kaepernick out in the cold? That's the question USAToday writer Christine Brennan wants answered.

You should feel guilty – white guilt guilty. Because Michael Bauman says “racism is in the foundation of bourgeois white America from sea to shining sea.” And we are a nation of “violent oppressors.” We’re all supposedly guilty.

Ever a glutton for punishment, ESPN is not ready to change its self-defeating ways. Dramatic losses in business and the jettisoning of 100 employees last week are only leading to continued defiance.

To The New York Times' own “Captain Obvious" -- Marc Tracy -- the idea that "a liberal viewpoint" emanating from "mainstream sports broadcaster" ESPN is a "novel development." Tracy hasn't left his liberal New York cocoon in quite a while, or he would realize what we all know: ESPN is every bit as biased as his own liberal newspaper.

In his postmortem of last week's massive layoffs by ESPN, The Nation’s Dave Zirin has unleashed a caustic attack on any media that would dare criticize the sports network with charges of liberal bias.

ESPN is calling today’s massive “bloodletting” – the layoff of 100 on-air personalities – a matter of “navigating changes in technology and fan behavior in order to continue to deliver quality, breakthrough content” that is part of “a strategic vision that will propel our vast array of networks and services forward.”

The New York Mets made a smart decision when they decided to give Tim Tebow a chance to play for their Class A farm team in Columbia, S.C. The Fireflies are selling more tickets and drawing more media attention than ever before, and Tebow is a marketing director’s dream come true. 

Wanna get away, Jason Stallman, New York Times sports editor? Hopefully you can sneak out of town after your colossal blunder. If you’re lucky, you could get a first-class seat on a United flight without getting bumped. And hopefully they’ll serve you some humble pie!

Left-stream writers love to criticize conservatives as people who are stuck in the past. But truth be known, they are mired in yesteryear as it relates to race. One of their pet narratives is to claim we are as racist a nation today as we were in the long ago past. They’re doing it again now in conjunction with the recent start of the major-league baseball season and baseball’s annual observance of Jackie Robinson Day.

Two years ago, skipping the Super Bowl champions’ visit to the White House was an unforgivable sin. This year, with Donald Trump the host and president, the left-stream media has discovered a new morality and boycotting is now the principled thing to do.

Everything is political to the overly sensitive mind of today’s leftist. When the Atlanta Braves unfurled a gigantic flag for the playing of the national anthem, it prompted an ultra sensitive member of the partisan media and his Twitter followers to express a whole host of ridiculous claims.

It was highly unlikely that today’s recognition of Jackie Robinson Day by Major League Baseball could come off without some writer playing the race card and attacking President Donald Trump. Shakeia Taylor, writing on the Complex Sports blog, incredibly claims we actually haven’t progressed much on race since Robinson became the first Black major leaguer 70 years ago.

An NBA beat writer for ESPN says he’s not sure what he can contribute to sports coverage by going political, but then found his “inner liberal” and said President Trump terrifies him because he could “end life on the planet.” Ethan Sherwood Strauss, who covers the Golden State Warriors for ESPN, made his remarks on a podcast interview with Isaac Chotiner of Slate, a publication founded by the liberal Michael Kinsley.

One week in, the new ESPN policy move toward “balance" in political reporting is failing badly. This is based on two actions immediately following the so-called policy changes by the biggest name in left-stream sports media. Both are indicators that ESPN is actually doubling down on its hard Left mooring.