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Several months after it became obvious to anyone paying attention, Rachel Maddow has seized upon a key element in the Democrats' campaign for president this time around.

The Oxford-educated Maddow, long touted mainly through self-branding as MSNBC's resident brainiac, opened her show Friday night by pointing out the contrast between an abundance of GOP debates and the downright paucity of those involving Democrats.

A sampling of headlines from the venerable left-wing magazine Mother Jones:

  • Here's Obama's New Plan to Tighten Gun Laws
  • How a Loophole in US Law Helps Drug Cartels Sneak Guns Into Mexico

GOP political strategist Steve Schmidt has taken considerable flak from conservatives for occasional Republican-In-Name-Only tendencies, but he held his ground well after taking a gratuitous shot across the bow from Chris Matthews.

With Matthews and Rachel Maddow acting as anchors in covering last night's State of the Union address, Schmidt was one of three MSNBC commentators, along with Chris Hayes and Joy Reid, providing their views on what to expect from the speech and what they thought of it afterward.

On the plus side, libtalker Thom Hartmann gave a shout-out for a provocative post written by MRCTV blog editor Craig Bannister.

On the down side, Bannister's subtle sarcasm was apparently too nuanced for Hartmann to comprehend -- and liberals love chortling about how only they understand nuance and conservatives aren't evolved enough to keep up.

"Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported," Hillary Clinton tweeted in November while temporarily banishing all memories associated with her husband.

Former MSNBCer Ed Schultz, now podcasting daily since getting booted from the cable network last summer and ending his radio show in 2014, apparently agrees with Hillary Clinton -- although there's a specific victim of alleged sexual assault she'd like to banish from everyone's memory.


First week of the new year and typically perceptive analysis from Rush Limbaugh about a new survey on anger that's all the rage in media.

The polling, commissioned by Esquire magazine and NBC News and conducted by SurveyMonkey, resulted in a slew of headlines about whites and Republicans as the angriest of Americans.

Bill Press is perhaps best known as one of the early hosts of the influential cable show Crossfire, but he's also a longtime radio talker and columnist for The Hill politics website.

In his most recent column, misleadingly headlined "Shining a Spotlight on media," Press joins a chorus of praise for the movie Spotlight that chronicles the efforts of a Boston Globe reporting team to uncover the sexual abuse scandal that enveloped the Catholic church in the early 2000s.

Maybe it can be chalked up to a tendency toward reflection at year's end and not the emergence of a refreshing pattern.

This past Sunday on Meet the Press, one of the last people you'd expect to point out that "it's not always policemen" killing black people -- filmmaker Spike Lee -- said just that in plugging his new movie, Chi-Raq, about the endless violence that plagues Chicago.

Only Nixon could go to China, according to one of the more enduring political truths of the last half-century.

Just as only a man of color with undeniable credibility in the black community can publicly utter an undeniable truth -- it's not only police who are killing black people in this country, though you'd never know it from much of the media coverage.

As Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) gradually fades among liberals after its decade-long stint atop their stack of pathologies, a newly diagnosed condition known as Completely Unhinged over Citizens United (CUCU)  is supplanting it.

Even though BDS is unlikely to wholly depart from the liberal psyche, which appears to draw sustenance from its presence despite the obvious toll on left-wingers' health, eruptions of the new malady still occur with alarming frequency. 

Whenever a liberal includes "fact" at the start of a sentence, rest assured that whatever follows is usually more accurately described as opinion -- and dubious opinion at that.

This amusing phenomenon could be seen last night on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show during a segment about South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham dropping out of the GOP presidential race.

President Obama is doing all he can to prevent ISIS from propagandizing via the Internet, and Democrat presumptive heiress Hillary Clinton has a plan along the same lines, according to McLaughlin Group regular and Daily Beast columnist Eleanor Clift.

But when GOP candidate Donald Trump proposes much the same thing, albeit in a more aggressive Trumpesque manner, it's an all-out assault on the First Amendment, Clift hyperventilates.

If Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are elected president, we're all going to die. So suggests liberal radio host Thom Hartmann in a premise notably unhinged even for a liberal radio host. Don't claim you were never warned.

Hartmann, among the most influential voices on the left through his books, radio show and YouTube channel, demonstrated little reluctance in violating Godwin's Law -- he who invokes the Nazis first in an argument, loses -- during his radio show Dec. 14.

Nearly five decades after Mary Jo Kopechne died in a car driven by Ted Kennedy, Hollywood is preparing a movie about the incident that appears more sympathetic to him than to her.

Kopechne, a 28-year-old former campaign worker for Kennedy's late brother Robert, was one of several women from the RFK campaign who attended a party on the remote island of Chappaquiddick off the coast of Massachusetts in July 1969, along with Kennedy and several other men.


Look no further than the front page of the New York Daily News for the desperate state of newspapers today. Whereas the motto of broadsheet rival New York Times is "All The News That's Fit to Print," the motto of the Daily News has become "Hell, Whatever Sells Papers." 

It's gotten to the point that CNN media critic Brian Stelter on today's Reliable Sources asked Daily News editor-in-chief Jim Rich, "Is there such a thing as too far for the Daily News?"


If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes, longtime Hartford resident Mark Twain once remarked.

If you're skeptical of what a liberal is saying about guns, wait even less time for your doubts to be confirmed.

Got a soft spot for the oldest written constitution in the world, the one for which every president upon taking office must swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend?

Then you're clearly a "jackass" according to Ed Schultz, who joins a long sordid list of lefties who can't hide their contempt for the founding charter that George Washington once described as "a guide which I will never abandon." Yes, he was the Father of our Country, but clearly didn't have a clue.


You're Definitely A Liberal When ... Assertion #7,546 -- You claim with a straight face that taxpayer-funded food stamps are wondrously stimulative for the economy. 

It's been so long since this one crossed my path that I'd begun to believe it was too delusional even for the left. 

But sure enough there it was, making its inevitable reappeance on Thom Hartmann's radio show last week. Perhaps it had something to do with the onset of the holiday season. While many if not most liberals no longer believe in Santa Claus, here's one who still believes in Santa Claus economics.


A government shutdown over federal funding for Syrian refugees and Planned Parenthood is unlikely, albeit slightly, Congressman John Yarmuth assured Ed Schultz.

But if this occurs, Yarmuth added, Republicans will get blamed for it -- regardless of whether they are actually responsible. And Yarmuth apparently doesn't have a problem with this bizarre, cynical scenario, nor does Schultz.

Ed Schultz condemning others for "hateful rhetoric" -- hypocrisy doesn't get more sublime than that.

Schultz, you probably remember, vilified Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut" on his radio show in 2011, resulting in a two-week suspension from MSNBC. 

His take on GOP opposition to Obamacare? "They want to see you dead! They'd rather make money off your dead corpse!"