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Cheri Jacobus is president of Capitol Strategies PR.  She worked on Capitol Hill, managed congressional campaigns, was an RNC spokesperson and was an adjunct professor at the GWU Graduate School of Political Management.  She also has a BS in Journalism.

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CNN's chief political analyst Gloria Borger may or may not be spot on in her assessment that the Democrat Party has a bench of one for 2016 and that it may be wise for the Party to put all of their eggs in Hillary Clinton's basket and defend or forgive her on the growing email scandal. 

However, her characterization of the disturbing situation whereby Clinton, as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration set up a secret server in her home to accommodate personal email addresses for government business as merely"the Hillary Clinton email brouhaha, an unforced error" is misguided and misleading.

The NBC Brian Williams saga continues to intrigue.  Brian Steinberg at the Hollywood newspaper of record, Variety, is reporting that NBC executives counseled Brian Williams to stop telling the false sniper story, but he didn't listen, and kept telling the embellished story.
Reports Variety: "What makes Williams’ admission worse, according to one person familiar with the situation, is that he had been counseled in the past by senior NBC News executives to stop telling the story in public. The advice, this person said, was not heeded."

From -- not The Onion. A new tirade by the perennially confused Edwin Lyngar addresses the alleged dirty tricks by conservatives, the Tea Party and Republicans in a flimsy piece, "The Angry Right's Secret Playbook" without citing even one example to support his rant.  Yet, he urges the Left to respond using dirty tricks, yelling and sleazy tactics, claiming they are, in fact, being far too reasonable and nice.

With the autumn return of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" with all new installments, the traditionally reliable pro-Obama skits may be on the back burner as the voter opposition to the president is at an all time high, according to Gallup.
The actor portraying President Obama was the same as last season, Jay Pharoah, but this past Saturday night, the writers seemed to have been paying attention a bit more to the real president's actual job performance.  In a takeoff of the recent "60 Minutes" interview with Obama, SNL had a little bit of fun at the president's expense in the cold open, mocking his growing list of problems.

When the RNC paid for a wardrobe for VP nominee Sarah Palin, the media screamed. When Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tries to get the DNC to pay for her wardrobe, the same media yawns.

While the major networks and print media extensively covered the Palin wardrobe controversy in 2008 and beyond, the media has been nearly silent on the DWS effort to score some decent threads from the DNC or Obama campaign.

At the outset of war in 2003, Andrea Mitchell mocked Bush's "coalition of the willing" as a "show." But now, she's promoting the Obama coalition-building and praising his "reaching out" to foreign policy experts for advice at dinner parties.

How can you tell that President Obama is dangerously incompetent when it comes to national security?  There are many ways, but very few that actually have the capacity to get the attention of the Obama-adoring Left, including the media.

When the Left can't defend their plagiarists, they attack -- the original author?  Reagan biographer Craig Shirley's work has been lifted almost word for word by liberal historian Rick Perlstein in his book, Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan in no fewer than an astonishing allegation of 19 instances of plagiarism and as many as 50 instances of using his work without referencing him.  Shirley is the author of the 2004 book Reagan's Revolution.
The New York Times
published an article on the fact that Mr. Shirley had made the accusations, and aired his evidence. Then their "public editor" Margaret Sullivan publicly claimed  the paper was in error for -- get this -- even airing Craig Shirley's "accusations."  Jeffrey Lord reported on this here as well.

In a stunning report by ABC News online, we learned that President Barack Obama and his White House knew that ISIS "recently threatened to kill U.S. journalist James Foley to avenge airstrikes the United States has conducted in Iraq." A video surfaced on Tuesday showing what appears to be an ISIS terrorist beheading Foley with the stated reason of revenge on Obama, suggesting they will do it again.
President Obama recently downplayed the ability of ISIS to carry out significant damaging acts of violence, referring to the terrorists as the JV (Junior Varsity) team compared to Al Qaeda, in an interview with The New Yorker magazine's David Remnick.

Bloomberg News is reporting that President Obama will not return campaign contributions from those who have profited or benefited from so-called "corporate inversion" deals that he has called "unpatriotic."  Bloomberg uncovered more than 20 individuals who are advisors, executives or directors from corporations that reduced their tax burden with offshore mergers and have made large political contributions to Obama and raised additional money from others.

Obama deputy press secretary Eric Schultz confirmed the money would not be returned at a press conference on Martha's Vineyard where the president is vacationing, and defended the decision as not a double standard since the president was "attacking" the problem while keeping the money garnered by what he deems "unpatriotic" means.  President Obama has called them "corporate deserters" while accepting campaign contributions from them.

In the wake of the news that President Obama had ordered limited bombing on ISIS mobile artillery units – a small hit with only two 500-pound bombs – experts were not shy about declaring their concern on TV about the Obama strategy.

The White House won't commit to stopping the genocide by ISIS -- as evidenced yesterday when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest failed to provide an affirmative response to a question by the press as to whether President Obama would take every measure to stop the genocide --  And President Obama has conclusively ruled out any U.S. troops going into Iraq, whether his strategy of very limited air strikes successfully stop ISIS or not. The disjointed, anemic responses by the White House is not sitting well with military analysts.

In a classic "bury the news we don't like" maneuver, MSNBC on Thursday rushed through reporting a drubbing of the Left by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, barely allowing viewers to comprehend the news.

As the music began to play before the mid-show hard break for commercial, a time usually reserved for light chatter or a "tease" for a big news report coming after the break, Crystal Ball, the substitute host for "The Reid Report"  took a matter of mere seconds to report two major repudiations of the left.

So just who is in charge in Barack Obama's White House?
ABC's Jonathan Karl on Tuesday asked White House press secretary why the letter from the White House to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) inviting him to a meeting with President Obama regarding the Texas border crisis was from Valerie Jarrett.  While it's routine for staff to draft such letters for elected officials, matters of such magnitude and to other elected officials of stature are almost always in the name of the principle.  The president's spokesman, when asked why the letter was from Jarrett rather than the President, said  "Valerie spends a lot of time maintaining relationships with governors around the country" on behalf of the President. (Video below)

As noted by Washington Post reporter David Nakamura, newly-minted Obama White House press spokesman Josh Earnest managed to anger the White House press corps right out of the gate.
While it may not seem like a big deal that press can be "testy" with a White House, consider the contrast at the beginning of the Obama Presidency in 2009.  Traditionally, the White House press corps does not stand when a president enters the briefing room, a measure of respect for their colleagues operating TV cameras in the rear of the small room.  However, the White House press corps was so enamored with the former community organizer, they broke protocol and many stood as Obama entered the White House press briefing room.

Thank goodness for Mommy's magic cattle futures!

Erstwhile NBC correspondent Chelsea Clinton claims that try as she might, she just can't make herself care about money. In an interview with the UK's Telegraph the multi-millionaire says, "I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t."  Lucky for her, she doesn't have to.  Like her famous mother who, in 1978 managed to take a meager $1000 investment in cattle futures and magically turn it into $100,000 and not be imprisoned for insider trading, Chelsea also seems to have the "Midas touch" when it comes to acquiring enormous amounts of money with little time, training or effort.

Doing her best impression of a moderate, clear-headed patriot on CNN's "town hall" offered to her, Hillary Clinton opined about the thousands of illegal immigrant children flooding the U.S. border from Mexico: “They should be sent back as soon as can be determined who the responsible adults in their family are because there are concerns about whether all of them can be sent back, but I think all of them that can be should be reunited with their families...we have to send a clear message that ‘Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean your child gets to stay."

But if reporters were trying to pin down her consistency, it should be noted  that while running against Barack Obama for president, Hillary was solidly and vocally pro-amnesty in a CNN debate on January 31, 2008:

The New York Times has sunk, yet again, to a new low.  Only this time, they may have created an even bigger conundrum for President Obama.

In a clear and desperate attempt to whitewash Obama's ill-fated swap of what is increasingly appearing to be an army deserter for five unrepentant deadly dangerous terror leaders (two of whom have been named war criminals by the United Nations) for a U.S. soldier, The Times has gone into overdrive, now seemingly blaming those with whom Bowe Bergdahl served for his apparent desertion.