Fox, MSNBC Military Analysts Agree: Obama's [Lack of] Strategy Is Troubling

August 8th, 2014 5:30 PM

In the wake of the news that President Obama had ordered limited bombing on ISIS mobile artillery units – a small hit with only two 500-pound bombs – experts were not shy about declaring their concern on TV about the Obama strategy.

The White House won't commit to stopping the genocide by ISIS -- as evidenced yesterday when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest failed to provide an affirmative response to a question by the press as to whether President Obama would take every measure to stop the genocide --  And President Obama has conclusively ruled out any U.S. troops going into Iraq, whether his strategy of very limited air strikes successfully stop ISIS or not. The disjointed, anemic responses by the White House is not sitting well with military analysts.

Fox News Channel contributor Lt. Col. Bill Cowan told anchor Jon Scott that air strikes alone will not get the job done, and that at a minimum, non-U.S. troops on the ground will be needed, but that trained troops are not available from other sources.

Meanwhile, over on the chief Obama cheerleader cable network, MSNBC, viewers were exposed to something they are not accustomed to -- commentary by a paid MSNBCer critical of President Obama, specifically the limited air strikes in Iraq against ISIS.  

MSNBC contributor and former Clinton administration drug czar Gen.Barry McCaffrey expressed his position to host Andrea Mitchell today, saying, "A lot of this doesn't make send.  What is the mission?" He gave a similar statement to NBC's Chuck Todd, adding that the Obama strategy seems to be more of an internal political maneuver than an actual effort at gaining a military result.

"These are political gestures using military power," he explained. "When we dropped three aircraft loads of water and food to 50,000 people in the mountains, now we’re striking ISIS artillery units, it looks to me as if a lot of this is internal U.S. politics to show we’re doing something."

It remains to be seen whether McCaffrey will be a guest on the MSNBC prime time evening shows.