Spiteful Celebs Cheer Smashing of Trump Hollywood Star

July 26th, 2018 4:04 PM
What’s the best way to look like a raging hypocrite? Well there are plenty of options. A good one might be to openly applaud vandalism against a celebrity’s Walk of Fame star, and then turn around and preach the lefty gospel of peace, love, tolerance. Several big celebrity names took to Twitter to express their glee over the fact that Donald Trump’s Hollywood star had been…

Musician’s Animated Video Depicts Trump as Swastika, Dies in Explosion

June 20th, 2017 5:54 PM
With all the hostile rhetoric against Donald Trump going around these days, it’s not surprising that people in the entertainment industry have made the Republican president one of their favorite targets. The most recent example of this trend is an animated video released by a musician called “Moby” -- though his real name is Richard Melville Hall -- who displayed his hatred of…

Moby: ‘Americans Are Either Really Stupid or Incredibly Bigoted'

December 10th, 2016 5:55 PM
American pop musician Moby (perhaps best known in his home country for “South Side,” his duet with Gwen Stefani), is a Hillary Clinton supporter not shy about personally offending half of his country. He recently talked to Kate Mossman of the left-leaning British magazine The New Stateman about “how dumb and delusional so many Americans are” for having voted for Donald…

Moby's Open Letter to America: 'What the F*ck is Wrong With You?'

November 11th, 2016 3:03 PM
In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, another overpaid, self-righteous entertainer lectured us about how we ought to live our lives, asking, “america, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Musician Moby, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, shared an open letter to America with Billboard the day after the election. In it, he bemoaned the election of a, you guessed it, “…

'30 Days, 30 Songs' Releases Anti-Trump Song Every Day Until Election

October 26th, 2016 10:14 AM
Just in case there isn’t enough anti-Donald Trump celebrity rants, celebrity videos, sex toys, or TV shows, writer Dave Eggers has blessed us all with 30 anti-Trump songs. On October 10, Eggers launched his 30 Days, 30 Songs initiative to release a new anti-Trump song every day until Election Day. Four years ago, Eggers created 90 Days, 90 Reasons, a campaign to motivate voters to re-elect…

Yale Eco-Podcast Urges: Eat More Bugs!

March 18th, 2015 12:52 PM
Cricket. It’s what’s for dinner. At least that’s what lefty environmentalists are pushing as a substitute for meat like beef, pork or chicken. All for the sake of the environment. Yum.

Supporting a Traitor: Hollywood Releases ‘I Am Bradley Manning’ Vi

June 4th, 2013 11:42 PM
With the start of the Bradley Manning court martial, a number of famous and not-so famous Hollywood liberals have released a video in support of their hero. It includes the likes of Oliver Stone, Russell Brand, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Moby, Tom Morello, Wallace Shawn, and the perilously liberal so-called journalists Matt Taibbi, Phil Donahue, and Chris Hedges (video follows with…

Moby Launches Anti-GOP Hunger Strike - Oh, and His CD's On Sale May

April 14th, 2011 3:46 PM
Mohandas Gandhi was imprisoned in 1922, 1930, 1933 and 1942. He went on a hunger strike. But because of Gandhi’s stature around the world, British authorities were loath to allow him to die in their custody.