CNN Rolls Out Red Carpet for New Gun-Control Push After Maine Shooting

December 2nd, 2023 6:22 AM

On Thursday's CNN This Morning, viewers witnessed another soft-soap interview promoting gun-control legislation as fill-in co-host Erica Hill provided a promotional platform for Senator Angus King (I-Maine), who caucuses and votes with Democrats, in the aftermath of the October 25 mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine.


CNN Teams Up With Expelled TN Dems to Accuse GOP of 'White Supremacy'

June 17th, 2023 7:24 PM

On Thursday morning CNN gave two Democrat state legislators from Tennessee a forum to accuse their state's Republican party of "white supremacy" as the show previewed upcoming special elections for the two members who are trying to reclaim their seats for the rest of the current term.


CNN Attempts to Discredit Judge Presiding Over Trump Trial

June 12th, 2023 7:32 PM

During Monday’s CNN This Morning, host Erica Hill and senior legal analyst Elie Honig attempted to stigmatize and discredit Judge Aileen Cannon, who will preside over former President Trump’s indictment in the classified documents scandal. They doubted her ability to be impartial since Trump appointed her to the federal bench and discussed possible reasons for the Department of Justice to…


‘No Facts’: CNN Falsely Claims Trans Agenda Not Targeting Kids

June 2nd, 2023 6:47 PM

Erica Hill, anchor of CNN This Morning, chose to celebrate “Pride Month” on Friday morning by “raising the alarm” regarding trans and LGBTQ “rights” alongside Montana State Representative Zooey Zephyr (D), who also happened to be transgender. Hill went so far as to falsely suggest they were “no facts out there” to support the notion that the trans agenda was being targeted at kids.…


CNN Declares GOP Primary To Be About 'Outgrievancing' Each Other

May 30th, 2023 10:03 AM

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin and New York Times national politics reporter Astead Herndon joined Tuesday’s CNN This Morning to discuss Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign and the state of the 2024 GOP Primary. During the conversation, Herndon would accuse DeSantis and former President Donald Trump of “outgrievancing” each other because that is what…


CNN Claims GOP Has No 'Evidence Of Wrongdoing' On Joe And Hunter Biden

March 17th, 2023 1:35 PM

CNN Congressional correspondent Melanie Zanona stopped by Friday’s CNN Newsroom to discuss the news that Hallie Biden was one of the beneficiaries of Hunter’s sketch business practices. However, the revelations are mainly a GOP attempt to make Hunter a “liability” for President Joe Biden and there is “no evidence of wrongdoing.”


CNN, NAACP Play Race Card on Student Loan Court Case

February 28th, 2023 1:56 PM

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case involving President Biden’s student loan executive order on Tuesday, CNN Newsroom did what liberals in the media do best: play the race card. Not only did they do that, they picked perhaps the most unsympathetic student to help them make their case in out-of-state PhD student Desiree Veney, the vice president of the NAACP at Morgan…


CNN Is THRILLED Connecticut Church Used Drag Show for Trip Fundraiser

February 9th, 2023 3:54 PM

CNN is trying to brainwash us.


CNN: Booting Schiff, Swalwell Off Committee Is Break With 'Tradition'

January 24th, 2023 11:31 AM

As House Republicans prepare to kick Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee, CNN Newsroom co-host Erica Hill condemned Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday for not following “tradition.” Apparently, Hill forgot that history did not begin yesterday.


Avlon Rediscovers Usefulness of Party Labels For 'Gutsy' Fetterman

October 26th, 2022 2:13 PM

CNN senior political analyst joined CNN Newsroom host Erica Hill on Wednesday to recap John Fetterman’s Tuesday debate performance. Avlon tried to reassure viewers that Fetterman’s poor performance was just “a snapshot in time,” that he will recover from his stroke, and that he was “gutsy” to even show up, but also that party label matters. The last point being a complete 180 from…


CNN Decries Anti-CRT 'Misinformation,' Warns GOP Not Teaching Slavery

July 7th, 2022 1:00 PM

CNN Newsroom host Erica Hill welcomed comedian and documentarian W. Kamau Bell onto the Thursday program to discuss the latest season of the network’s United Shades of America. During their conversation, both would lament all the alleged “misinformation” surrounding Critical Race Theory and claim it is all just a way to avoid teaching accurate American history.


CNN Suffers Blooper, Wonders If Biden Is Too Nice to Fight GOP, Court

July 6th, 2022 12:13 PM

CNN Newsroom wondered on Wednesday if President Biden is the best man for the job of combatting the Republican Party and the Supreme Court because he is too invested in the polite ways of how Washington used to operate. After deciding that he isn't, CNN suffered a blooper as a commercial aired in the middle of PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Laura Barron-Lopez’s…


Hannah-Jones: The Media AREN'T Biased Enough Against Republicans!

December 23rd, 2021 10:11 AM

On Wednesday's New Day, CNN brought on race-obsessed New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones to work with the conservative and Republican-hating network to twist reports of Republicans pushing to remove controversial books from school libraries in Texas. Prodded by fill-in host Erica Hill, Hannah-Jones ridiculously complained that the media have not been biased…


CNN Grossly Understates Criminal History of Police Shooting Victim

December 4th, 2021 3:01 PM

On Tuesday morning, CNN correspondent Adrienne Broaddus gave the impression that police shooting victim was pulled over and accidentally shot simply for having air freshener hanging in his car as she informed viewers of jury selection in the upcoming trial of former Minnesota cop Kim Potter.