Bjorn Lomborg: Actions That Would Do More Good Than Wasting Trillions

June 30th, 2023 9:36 AM

For my new video, I asked people on the street, “If you could spend $30 billion trying to solve the world’s problems, how would you spend it?” “Build houses ... address homelessness,” said a few. “Spend on health care,” “redistribution.” The most common answer was “fight climate change.” Really? Climate change is the world’s most important problem? “It’s not surprising if you live in the rich…


BONKERS: The Atlantic Cries Nuclear War Is a ‘Climate Problem’

March 16th, 2022 5:00 PM

A deranged Atlantic article argued that when talking about nuclear war’s likely catastrophic death toll, one should also address how it would “wreck” the climate. The Atlantic had the audacity to publish an eco-extremist piece posing as serious scholarship: “On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem.”

Over 200 Health Journals Whine for ‘Urgent Action’ on ‘Climate Crisis’

September 7th, 2021 2:27 PM

The liberal media has to find a new way to keep its COVID-19 scare strategy going: Have “health journals” sound the alarm on the “climate crisis.” The Guardian is leading the charge. It screeched in its story’s headline: “More than 200 health journals call for urgent action on climate crisis.” The journals are reportedly “publishing an editorial calling on leaders to take…

ALARM! UN Climate Panel Continues Decades-Long Climate Fear Tradition

August 9th, 2021 11:27 AM

Run for cover! The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is warning that we only have a few years to save the planet — a nugget of fear porn the United Nations and the media have been peddling for decades.


Economist Blasts Paris Treaty $100T Price Tag: ‘Not a Good Deal’

February 15th, 2017 2:20 PM
$100 trillion for a 0.3 degree temperature drop. That’s a price tag that sounds acceptable to liberals, but not to everyone. An economist and environmentalist who says man-made climate change is real still argues that is “an incredibly expensive way to do almost no good." Self-proclaimed “skeptical environmentalist and” president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center Bjorn Lomborg appeared on FBN’s…

Nye Delighted About ClimateGate Exoneration 'Sham'; Calls Skeptics 'Ir

July 8th, 2010 9:19 AM
Surprise - a British panel ruled that the scandal known as ClimateGate that supposedly revealed the manipulation of certain data strengthen the case of manmade global warming was much ado about nothing. But, The New York Times in a July 7 story called these findings of an inquiry led by Muir Russell, a retired British civil servant and educator, "a sweeping exoneration" of the ClimateGate…

'Skeptical Environmentalist' Doubts 'Underwater Manhattan' Global Warm

May 18th, 2009 7:18 PM
One of the tricks in the global warming alarmist playbook over the years has been to show how global warming will cause sea levels to rise and flood the low-lying coastal areas where population centers happen to be, specifically lower Manhattan in New York City. However, the imagery used by Al Gore in his "An Inconvenient Truth" and by various other global warming made-for-television specials…