On Friday's Good Morning America, Chris Cuomo interviewed the man convicted of "bias intimidation" against a gay college student who took his own life. Co-host Robin Roberts admitted, "...So many people believe this case went beyond the facts, that a clear message was trying to be sent here." Cuomo, then touted the "message" that was sent.

He began, "The agony, in this situation, for the families involved, for people like you who fight for victims' rights, is we need a message about bullying. It's pervasive." He added, "Then, this case comes. Finally, we get that message." 

Liberals love to pose as free-speech defenders against the “chilling effect” of societal censorship. But when it comes to the gay agenda, they intend to intimidate dissent of any kind. They even line up mourning parents to accepting public shame for their child's suicide for not being "progressive" enough. That is chilling.

On the December 12 Today, NBC reporter Kerry Sanders updated viewers on the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who jumped off a bridge after being mocked on Facebook. Sanders asked Clementi’s mother if her son picked up on her shock when he came out as gay to her, and she said yes. Sanders then poked her in the face: “Tyler later tweeted to a friend ‘Mom has basically completely rejected me.’ Has that tweet haunted you in any way?” She said yes.

Whether its laziness or the intentional furthering of a leftwing agenda, the facts remain: The media continue to promulgate the link between gay teen bullying and suicide among teens, failing to highlight other leading causes.

Forbes.com reported that on October 19, Facebook announced it has joined with MTV and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in a “Network of Support” to combat gay cyber-bulling. This comes after more than three weeks of nation-wide stories highlighting the death of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers student who took his own life after learning his sexual encounter with another male was broadcast over the internet.