To feminists it’s a sin to compliment a woman’s appearance, apparently. Actor Steve Martin learned that the hard way yesterday after tweeting out his initial memory of actress Carrie Fisher, whose untimely death made headlines Tuesday morning. Thousands tweeted out their respects to the iconic actress who played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. But not everyone escaped the wrath of the feminist police, who were out in full force enforcing their special code of conduct about what could be said and what couldn’t be said about the late actress.

Comedian Steve Martin stepped into the political ring this weekend tweeting numerous comments about the newest scandal facing the White House.

His most recent one reads, "Wearing my NSA spy-phone helmet as I bike by the UN is the definition of cacophony":

Actor and comedian Steve Martin is a wild and crazy guy so it is no surprise that he would make a bizarre political endorsement. In this case the endorsement was for Bob Kerrey who is running for the senate seat from Nebraska. However, Steve Martin does not once mention Bob Kerrey or anything political in the "endorsement." Instead, Martin in the guise of a home crafts expert shows us how to make a wad of paper.

Your humble correspondent found the advice on how to make a wad of paper quite useful. In fact, for years I have struggled to achieve this but always fell short of my goal. But now thanks to Steve Martin's very informative video (below the not-paper fold) I can now expertly make the wad of paper of my dreams. The only downside to the video is the hand holding signs of support for Bob Kerrey that kept blocking my view.