In almost two days, Donald Trump -- the presumptive front-runner in the 2016 Republican presidential primary campaign -- has used his Twitter account to regularly call Megyn Kelly, the popular host of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel, “crazy.”

In an article on the TV Newser website, Mark Joyella explains “Why We Shouldn't Accept Donald Trump Calling Megyn Kelly 'Crazy,'” especially after Tuesday night, “when he rolled to victories in Florida, North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois."

Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos, Monday, badgered Senator Lindsey Graham on the need to get a quick replacement for Antonin Scalia. An incredulous Stephanopoulos wondered, “Your leader, Mitch McConnell, said flatly, President Obama should not have a chance to fill this vacancy. Does that mean the President's choice won't even get a hearing?” 


As former GOP presidential candidate and Senator Lindsey Graham appeared as a guest on Thursday's The Situation Room on CNN, after the South Carolina Republican bashed candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as possible GOP nominees, host Wolf Blitzer repeatedly pressed Graham to voice a preference for someone other than the GOP nominee, suggesting Michael Bloomberg or Hillary Clinton might be better for the "health of the country."

Appearing as a guest on CNN's Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield to report on South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's departure from the GOP presidential race, CNN's Kate Bolduan oddly claimed that the low-polling candidate's debate performances were "really widely, you know, seen as winners," inspiring agreement from host Banfield.

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's New Day on CNN, former Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown lavished praise on GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, as she pined for him to make it onto the main debate stage, and three times gushed that the South Carolina Republican "rocked." She also rejoiced over Senator Graham characterizing Donald Trump as "a poster boy for ISIS," as she asserted that he is "helping to radicalize the non-radical Muslims."

Appearing as a guest in the final segment of Wednesday's MTP Daily on MSNBC, Ron Fournier of the National Journal slammed the previous night's GOP presidential debate as "disgusting" as he claimed to see "dog whistling" and "fearmongering" from the candidates.

CNN's Chris Cuomo made a gaffe regarding the religious faith of ISIS and other similar groups on Wednesday's New Day. When Senator Lindsey Graham accused Donald Trump of "playing into ISIL's hands," Cuomo replied, "Sixty percent of your party agrees with him. They think all jihadis are Muslim." Since jihad is a concept from the Islamic faith, a jihadi, by definition, would indeed be a Muslim waging a religious-based war for Islam.

When tagging items at NewsBusters, one of our Media Bias sub-categories is "Sudden Respect." The notion is that to win the affection of the MSM, all a Republican or conservative needs to do is turn against members or positions of his party. A great illustration of the phenomenon comes from today's Morning Joe. During last night's undercard debate, Lindsey Graham repeatedly ripped fellow Republicans for their rhetoric on Muslims, at one point even apologizing to Muslims for Donald Trump's comments.

And that of course caused what Rush might call a GrahamGasm by the Morning Joe crew. Mike Barnicle called Graham "fantastic," Nicolle Wallace said "I adore Lindsey Graham." Most amazing was Mika Brzezinski, who beyond praising him as "incredible" actually declared, sounding like she was choking up, "I feel a connection with Lindsey Graham," causing Joe Scarborough to claim [we presume facetiously] that Mika said "where has he been all my life?" Not to be outdone, Joe called on President Obama to award Graham the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Barnicle summed up the panel's sentiment by saying "thank God for Lindsey Graham."

"A man was recently arrested for jumping over the White House fence.  Ironically, the fence jumper actually had a better chance of getting into the White House than Lindsey Graham." -- NewsBusted's Jodi Miller

Three CNN programs on Wednesday night and Thursday morning promoted the anti-prayer front page of the New York Daily News: "God Isn't Fixing This." Unsurprisingly, pro-gun control anchor Carol Costello quoted from the liberal newspaper's headline and sub-headline on Thursday's CNN Newsroom: "It's gotten a lot of buzz this morning...It reads, 'God Isn't Fixing This,' and slams [Ted] Cruz and other 2016 contenders as — quote, 'cowards who continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes.'"

After GOP businessman Donald Trump hosted an episode of NBC's long-running Saturday Night Live program -- which drew the show's highest ratings in four years -- the network has decided to give other Republican presidential candidates “equal time” to match the 12 minutes Trump appeared during the Nov. 7 edition of the show.

According to an article posted by Dylan Byers on the CNNMoney website, the unusual offer was made in compliance with the Federal Communication Commission's “Equal Time” rules,


Offering analysis of the first Fox Business Network Republican presidential debate on the 8:00 p.m. Eastern edition of CNN’s AC360, CNN political commentator and Jeb Bush supporter Ana Navarro lamented that Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and his “passionate voice” was excluded from the undercard event.