It may only have one season, but CBS’s drama Wisdom of the Crowd has made every effort to put itself in the running as the top leftist agenda show on TV. The show seems to have a particular bent for feminist lectures, which is interesting considering it was canceled over sexual assault allegations against star Jeremy Piven. Sunday’s episode, “Alpha Test” was no exception.

CBS’s Wisdom of the Crowd is at it again, this time trying to teach us about feminism and sexism while its main star faces down accusations of sexual assault. The show centers around a crowd-sourced crime-fighting platform called “Sophe,” created by Silicon Valley tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) in an attempt to find out who murdered his daughter. In the process, he ends up helping to solve other crimes with the public’s help, via their input on Sophe.

CBS’s Wisdom of the Crowd has already built up an anti-conservative reputation despite only being five episodes in, so it should come as no surprise that the sixth episode, “Trade Secrets,” that aired Sunday, November 12, took more shots at the right.

Here we go again - another media hit on the dangers of fish consumption due to the possible threat that mercury may have on pregnant women.

A segment on the Dec. 30 "NBC Nightly News" warned viewers to exercise caution when consuming fish because of the potential side effects it may have on newborn children.

"There's no question that fish is healthy," NBC chief science correspondent Robert Bazell said. "But toxic mercury, mostly from coal-fired power plants makes it way into the ocean, where it can end up in the meat of certain fish."

Bazell's report even singled out certain fish that were deemed unsafe and those that were considered safe for viewers.

"So the key is knowing which fish is safest," Bazell said. "Those with high levels of mercury include swordfish, king mackerel and tile fish. Seafood with low levels of mercury include salmon, cod, shrimp, trout and most small fish."