On Saturday's CNN Newsroom, weekend anchor Fredricka Whitfield conspicuously made a point of including President Donald Trump in a brief she delivered about the legal problems of two former congressional Republicans. Informing viewers that former New York Congressman Chris Collins was recently sentenced over an insider trading case, Whitfield made sure to remind viewers that Collins was the first member of Congress to endorse Trump for President.

During their Halloween (Wednesday) night broadcast, CBS’s costume surely wasn’t that of an unbiased news organization. During CBS Evening News, anchor Jeff Glor noted that “at least six candidates in this midterm election are campaigning under a legal or ethics cloud, including criminal indictments, an assault conviction, investigations, and a severe admonishment by Congressional Ethics Committees.” But when they flashed images of the candidates, only one of them was a Democrat.

How again are the liberal media not a part of the opposition party? On Wednesday’s Cuomo Prime Time on CNN and Hardball on MSNBC, it just so happened that they ran nearly identical segments smearing Republicans for “employ[ing] scare tactics” and “fear-mongering” people into supporting the GOP at the polls. Thankfully, Brooke Baldwin wasn’t on-air during the 9:00 p.m. Eastern hour of CNN, as host and faux journalist Chris Cuomo mentioned the word “mob.”

The very political act of “fact checking” emerged again in a Washington Post Fact Checker article on Rep. Duncan Hunter (R.-Calif.), indicted for abusing his campaign kitty. The Post’s watchdog was Salvador Rizzo, and he ruled Hunter was “mostly false” (“3 Pinocchios”) for arguing his prosecution is partisan...based on two of his prosecutors went to a 2015 fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. That fact was "unconvincing." 

When seeking to demonstrate the degree to which the “objective” news media act like Democratic partisans, the best place to start is scandals. As in, “Have you heard all about the latest Republican scandal?” versus “What Democrat scandal?”

After the morning newscasts of ABC and CBS spent a total of 4 minutes and 44 seconds covering the criminal indictment of California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter in the first 36 hours since the story broke, the number increased four-fold following another news cycle, with the total standing at 17 minutes and 13 seconds as of Friday morning.

In roughly the first 36 hours since prosecutors indicted California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter on campaign finance violations charges, the morning and evening newscasts on ABC and CBS have spent a total of 4 minutes and 44 seconds covering the story since Wednesday morning. CBS This Morning spent 1 minute and 59 seconds on the topic on Wednesday morning and an additional 51 seconds on Thursday. And over on ABC, Good Morning America mentioned it in a 17-second brief on Wednesday while, hours later, World News Tonight spent one minute and 38 seconds on Duncan.

Did you know that white men are good for little more than making crystal meth? And that Americans are proudly belligerent and ignorant? At least according to Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox, as expressed Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher" with her formulaic snark.

Cox was a guest on the show, along with GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, actor Rob Lowe and left-wing journalist Matt Taibbi, and talking with them about drug decriminalization when she made the first of two gratuitous swipes, first at American men of pale skin hue, then at Americans in general. (Video, audio after the jump)

In wake of Arizona's new immigration law, CBS 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley fretted over illegal immigrants entering the United States by swimming across California's All-American Canal: "a national moat on our southern border, and hundreds of people have perished in its waters. It is a carnage that has gone mostly unnoticed because many of the victims are buried without their names." [Audio available here]

Pelley began the story by proclaiming: "In the California desert, in a field of mud, is a graveyard that is hard to imagine in America. Bricks mark the final resting place of hundreds of human beings, identities unknown. They died traveling to America in search of a life better than their home countries could offer." Moments later, Pelley explained: "While the canal is a death trap, it is also a lifeline for the nation....Two thirds of our winter fruits and vegetables are grown with this water. But half of the people who pick those crops are illegal immigrants. To get the jobs created by the canal, they cross the canal, usually at night on makeshift rafts or using plastic jugs for flotation."

It did not take long to for Pelley place blame for drownings, not on those crossing the border illegally, but on those operating the canal: "The water is 225 feet across, 20 feet deep, with almost no rescue lines or climb-out ladders, safety devices that you would find in some other canals....management is controlled by a regional authority called the Imperial Irrigation District....They've taken votes, commissioned studies, but done almost nothing."

NewsBusters.org - Media Research CenterFollowing up on Al Gore’s reception of the Nobel Peace Prize, Carolyn Washburn of the Des Moines Register asked the Republican candidates several questions on the issue of "global climate change" and related topics. At the beginning of the debate, Washburn stated "we won't talk a lot about issues like Iraq or immigration. They're important issues, no doubt, but Iowans say they know where the candidates are coming from on those." But Washburn gave no indication that Iowans actually wanted to hear more about the Republican candidates’ stance on climate change.

Illinois Democrat Rahm Emanuel and California Republican Duncan Hunter appeared on CNN's American Morning Monday to discuss the Iraq War and anticipated address from General David Patraeus. CNN's John Roberts questioned the congressmen.

For various reasons, the majority of the Republican presidential campaigns have said they are not going to participate in a CNN debate co-sponsored with the Google-owned YouTube.com.

Despite the fact that the Democrats' YouTube debate featured left-wing questions far out of proportion to questions from the right (see NB's prior coverage of the debate here), Republican activist Patrick Ruffini is arguing the GOP is really dropping the ball. Here's an excerpt from an open letter he's attached to a petition urging the candidates to change their minds:

We've read the news reports that only two of your fellow candidates have agreed to attend the Republican Party of Florida/YouTube debate, and there are major candidates considering snubbing the event.

As Republicans, we believe this is a serious mistake. Every Democratic candidate eagerly accepted the opportunity to answer questions from the American people via YouTube, even Hillary Clinton, the most cautious and calculating of the bunch.