With the liberal media still going bonkers over Donald Trump making a legal tax deduction available to everyone, and other outlandish reports flying around, the panel on Fox News’ The Kelly File took some time Monday to poke fun at them and analyze why they’re breaking now. Anchor Megyn Kelly could barely contain her laughter after listening to colleague Trace Gallagher rattle off recent ridiculous hit pieces, “And wanted to have sex with The Apprentice staffers and says bad things. And the AG. I mean, what?!”

The press is going to extraordinary lengths to minimize the visibility of Hillary Clinton's damaging and disparaging February remarks at a fundraiser about how Bernie Sanders' supporters "are living in their parents’ basement," and how half of them don't know what ('just like Scandinavia') means" — stereotyping digs which don't survive even the most rudimentary efforts at fact-checking.

Media Research Center president Brent Bozell took to the airwaves of the Fox News Channel (FNC) on Monday afternoon during Your World to excoriate the liberal media for their latest double standard in harping on a New York Times story on Donald Trump’s taxes versus leaked audio of Hillary Clinton disparaging Bernie Sanders supporters.

The recurring media narrative of 2016 continues: stories that could embarrass Donald Trump get lots of coverage, while stories that embarrass Hillary Clinton get little or none. In today’s episode, the three broadcast news networks yawned at newly released audio of Hillary Clinton disparaging Sanders voters who “lived in their parents’ basement.” But when an anonymous source leaked three pages from Trump’s 1995 tax returns to The New York Times, they were suddenly much more interested.

Un informe reciente en el noticiero nacional principal de Univisión dejó pocas dudas de los esfuerzos para aumentar el registro y participación de votantes latinos notoriamente dirigido para beneficiar exclusivamente a Hillary Clinton.

At the start of her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Monday, host Andrea Mitchell touted The New York Times hit piece on Donald Trump’s taxes as “the billion-dollar October surprise” that was “delivered” to liberal paper’s “doorstep.”

Politico mangled a quote from Rudy Giuliani’s Sunday interview on ABC’s This Week.  Their headline was “Giuliani: Trump 'better for the United States than a woman'.” That misleading headline that leaves out half of Giuliani's sentence -- the half about Hillary's email scandal -- is also on top of the accompanying video, and in Politico tweets.

As Libertarian vice presidential nominee Bill Weld appeared as a guest on Monday's New Day, co-host Chris Cuomo repeatedly pressed him over whether his candidacy with Gary Johnson as presidential nominee was hurting Hillary Clinton to the benefit of Donald Trump. Even after Weld argued that he believes that mostly moderate Republicans are planning to vote for the Libertarian ticket, Cuomo pressed him twice more on the issue.

On the same Sunday morning that NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources duking it out over Trump and the news media, a pair of panelists on NBC’s Meet the Press took veiled shots at the Fox News Channel (FNC) and conservative media figures like Glenn Beck for the decline in American political civility and decorum because they’ve been undermining the federal government.

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday leapt to cover illegally leaked tax documents, declaring they show Donald Trump to be a “flop of a businessman.” Guest co-host Josh Elliott played dumb and pretended he didn’t know why a mystery individual would have sent them to the New York Times. Talking to two of the reporters who broke the story for the paper, Elliott wondered, “Do you have any sense of why they were sent to you?” 

Monday’s long New York Times front-page story by Megan Twohey, “Her Husband Accused of Affairs, a Defiant Clinton Fought Back,” is all too soft on Hillary Clinton, with the beginning especially tracking closely with Hillary’s preferred image as a long suffering victim of husband Bill’s infidelity. The names of two of Clinton's assault accusers, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, were totally omitted, making Bill's sexual history look more benign. But there are damning bits worth fishing out of the long piece, including her support of siccing attack-dog detective Jack Palladino on her husband's accusers.

Responding to concerns raised on Monday’s NBC Today that Donald Trump tax documents obtained by The New York Times may have been leaked illegally to the paper, political analyst Nicolle Wallace acknowledged the possibility but advised the Republican nominee’s campaign to move on or risk having Trump look guilty.