Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla have created a new documentary on the subject of free speech on campus called “No Safe Spaces.” Prager announces near the outset that a Pew Research Center survey found 49 percent of college students do not support free speech if it’s designated as “hate speech.” He asked, “Do you know how moronic that is? The issue of free speech doesn’t apply to love speech. Nobody ever threatened love speech.”

College campuses nationwide responded to Donald Trump’s election by providing “safe spaces” for distressed students to discuss their feelings on the election, challenge-free. Students were coddled with coloring books, Play-Doh, bubble-blowing toys, snacks, stuffed animals, and real animals to calm them down. Some colleges cancelled classes and exams. Podcast comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk-show host Dennis Prager will set out to challenge these campuses with their documentary, “No Safe Spaces.” According to The Hollywood Reporter the documentary will feature the two touring college campuses to talk and debate with students and faculty about their precious “safe spaces.”

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla has a special Election Day message for primary voters. Instead of endorsing a specific candidate, he had a message for voters on who NOT to support. Hint: It’s anyone promising to “level the playing field.” In other words, don’t vote for a  liberal. 

The Washington Post slammed Adam Carolla’s new book. John Wilwol was the reviewer in Sunday’s Arts & Style section “President Me: The America That’s in My Head is Carolla’s silly, vulgar manifesto....a swaggering diatribe against ineptitude, narcissism and political correctness.”

Wilwol added on Twitter that the book “doesn't deserve a spot on your summer reading list. Or on your ever reading list.”

Adam Carolla knows it's no accident entertainment scribes bring up his "right wing" politics at every turn.

The podcast king called out biased entertainment reports during a feisty Q&A with The interviewer stirred the pot by asking if Carolla got flak from his Hollywood pals for appearing on The O'Reilly Factor, the highly rated pundit show on Fox News.

On his podcast Friday, as the networks were going wall-to-wall with live coverage of Boston, comedian and pundit Adam Carolla questioned whether Boston coverage was excessive. Matt Wilstein at Mediaite transcribed the conversation, which should be a journalism-school topic in the weeks to come.

“Boston is three people dead, and quite a few injured,” Carolla said, “but it’s three people dead. There’s that many people during the course of this podcast, that many people times ten that die out on the highways.” Meanwhile, he pointed out, the death toll in the Texas explosion was up to 15 or higher.

Appearing as a guest on Friday's The O'Reilly Factor on FNC, comedian Adam Carolla took exception with a recent interview on CBS's 60 Minutes with former CIA interrogator Jose Rodriguez, who is promoting a book about his experiences in counterterrorism, in which correspondent Lesley Stahl questioned whether the interrogation techniques used against a prisoner involved in the al-Qaeda terrorism group were too harsh.

Carolla went on to quip that if Michael Moore and Tim Robbins produced a child together, such liberals would support torture to save their child's life in spite of any political complaints they might publicly have. Carolla:

Remember all that talk about toning down the violent rhetoric following the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in January?

Such good intentions certainly don't apply when talking about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as comedian Christopher Titus demonstrated this weekend at the Irvine Improv in Southern California (audio follows courtesy Daily Caller with partial transcript and commentary):

Brian Maloney at the Radio Equalizer blog reports that Rosie O’Donnell thinks cheating Arnold Schwarzenegger is somehow beneath the history of the Kennedy family – as if cheating were never allowed among the Kennedys?

Perhaps it should be said that Maria Shriver’s parents, Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, seemed to have a happy, long-lasting marriage of 56 years. But Rosie might want to be careful about boasting of a Kennedy "legacy" on this topic of womanizing:

You may have never thought you could get this political insight from a sports commentator, but former NBA Detroit Pistons star-turned-host of "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" on Fox Sports Network John Salley has defied expectations.

Salley recently appeared on September 23 edition of "The Adam Carolla" podcast and asked Carolla a very pointed and insightful question.

"I have a question - do you hate Obama?" Salley asked. "Why are so many people who now hate him after just 266 days they loved him? All of white America. Not all of ‘em but the majority."