Couric Starts with Whimper Rather than Bang

I just watched Katie Couric's debut as the anchor of the CBS Evening News
and it was, much to my surprise, not very different than it was when
Bob Shieffer was helming. I expected at least a couple radical
stylistic changes that would set the CBS Evening News apart
from it's competitors on NBC and ABC and shake things up a little. But
there was nothing new. All in all, Couric's debut was, well, ordinary.

I've put together a 4:21 video summary of Couric's debut, available here, in case you missed it.

In terms of substance, Couric began the broadcast by wondering if it was
"back to the drawing board" on the war on terror because things seem to
be going poorly in Afghanistan. She spoke at length with Thomas
Friedman about the words versus the actions of the Bush administration.

Towards the end of the broadcast, Couric introduced two new segments
called "freeSpeech" and "Snap Shots!" which will be added nightly. The
"freeSpeech" segment has potential but the "Snap Shots!" bit seems like
it will probably get old fast. Tonight's was an exclusive first look at
Suri Cruise.

Couric concluded the broadcast with a retrospective look at all the
ways other anchors--including Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy--have signed
off and asked viewers to send in their ideas of how she should. More on this from Greg Sheffied here.

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