BBC Once Again Declines to Disclose Religious Background of Terrorist Suspects

First it was "asian men" behind the plot to blow up British airlines headed for America, now it seems "men under the age of 30"
were plotting terrorist attacks in Denmark, at least according to the
BBC where informing readers of the religious identity of fanatical
Muslims seems to be taboo.

Danish police have arrested nine suspected terrorists, the country's security intelligence service says.

The suspects, believed to be all men under the age of 30, were picked up during overnight raids in Odense, Denmark's third largest city.

The country's Justice Minister, Lene Espersen, said it was likely they were planning an attack in Denmark.

According to less-timid news sources, the men arrested were Islamic fundamentalists.
The BBC knows this as that information is public domain. It could
easily have been included in the article linked above when it was
written or updated subsequently. I guess it's about the public's right
not to know. (Hat tip: LGF.)

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