News Photo Of Rita Cosby Stalking John Mark Karr Becomes Source Of Web Mirth

The news photo of MSNBC's Queen of Sensationalist Journalism, Rita Cosby, stalking weirdo John Mark Karr as he is being transported to the Boulder County jail, has already achieved legendary status. All over the web and in the blogosphere, this photo, captured by AP photograper, Jack Dempsey, has become a source of universal mirth, whether from the right or the left. Looking at it one wonders who appears to be more obsessive, Rita or Karr? Proving that a picture is worth a thousand word, this photo is providing much commentary of a humorous nature on the web. One example of such commentary came in the form of a caption contest at the Free Republic. Here is a sampling of the Freeper captions for this photo:

"I want to have your baby! I love you!"

"Soylent Green is people!"

"Can I get a sample of your DNA?"

"So, John, I was thinking that Jessica Simpson could play me in the movie - what do you think?" 

To read more of these captions from the Free Republic plus humorous reactions to the photo at the Huffington Post, check out the DUmmie FUnnies.

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