Ex-CBS Reporter: Couric a 'Liberal Democrat...in Love With Hillary'

According to a new biography of Dan Rather, one longtime CBSer -- no, not Rather himself -- believes what most NewsBusters readers believe: that incoming CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

In his review of Alan Weisman's Lone Star, Dave Shiflett of Bloomberg News writes that

[f]ormer [CBS] congressional correspondent Phil Jones tells Weisman that Couric is "a liberal Democrat who is so in love with Hillary Clinton'' that it could pose a problem if Clinton runs for president.

We're left believing that Rather's critics will soon be pining for the good old days when straight-shooting Dan ruled the CBS roost.

It would appear that conservatives who read Lone Star will enjoy certain parts (Shiflett notes that in "Weisman's acerbic telling, [Walter Cronkite] is an arrogant blowhard 'who still believes that the anchor chair should have been retired with him in 1981'") far more than they'll enjoy others (in Shiflett's words, Weisman considers Memogate "a fairly minor error that sparked a gross overreaction").

For an earlier NB item on Lone Star, go here. For Rich Noyes' report on Katie Couric's biases, go here.

Hat tip: Romenesko.

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