V for Vicodin

When talking with someone who isn't especially political or is
left-of-center about the topic of media bias, I will occasionally
hear the argument that the media's political orientation doesn't really matter
because most people are skeptical of what they hear on TV and
elsewhere. In the modern age of low voter turnout, anti-advertising
advertising, and the permanent campaign, people are smart enough not to
take in any media message without several large grains of salt.

Non-intelligent people don't make this argument in my experience. Only smart people do.

not everyone is smart. Many people continue to be very impressionable
as adults, especially to mass media like television and movies, as
demonstrated in this post from the Dummie Funnies, a blog run by NewsBusters user pjcomix which monitors the loonybin known as Democratic Underground.

Stand by for some really great laughs on Sunday, November 5. Some Dummies, taking their cue from the movie, "V For Vendetta,"
are actually planning to gather in front of public buildings around the
country wearing dopey Guy Fawkes masks as you can see in this THREAD
titled, "Remember, remember the 5th of November....". Yeah, that's just
the ticket, DUmmies. Leading into the midterm elections, make complete
FOOLS of yourselves. This doesn't totally surprise me since the DUmmies
instantly took to this fantasy flick in which Britain is ruled by an
EVIL rightwing regime. The DUmmies have fantasized themselves in the
masked hero's role in opposing that regime (which they have transferred
to the EVIL Bush regime). So let us now watch the DUmmies once again
make laughingstocks of themselves in Bolshevik Red while the commentary
of your humble correspondent, looking for a V For Vendetta Halloween costume at the Dollar Store, is in the [brackets]:

"Remember, remember the 5th of November...."

already getting ready with the popcorn and soda. Will you be appearing
at the Laugh Factory? (Remember this plug, Jamie Masada.)]

Last night, I finally got around to seeing the copy of V for Vendetta
that I bought a while back. As the movie credits rolled at the end, I
checked the calendar and noted that Guy Fawkes Day falls this year on
the Sunday before Election Day. That got me thinking....

[Did you also check the calendar for your next appointment date with your Shrink?]

Imagine: At the same time around the country -- say, noon Eastern Time
-- men and women assembling before federal buildings, county court
houses and legislative buildings, even Congress in the District of
Columbia. All are dressed in black and wearing Guy Fawkes masks. They
stand in silent vigil for a time, then disperse.

[Make it a DUAC project. DUAC! DUAC! And you really are DUACky.]

The message, I think, would be clear: we are tired of the government
attempts at terrorizing the people. We are tired of the ruling party's
use of fear and bigotry to cow us. We are no longer buying in to the
claims that wiretaps and prohibitions on freedom are all "for our own
protection." And we are putting the government on notice that we are
empowered to take action in the elections in two days.

[We are tired of being taken seriously. And we are putting the government on notice that we are sanity challenged.]


[Yeah. Check out standup night at the Laugh Factory. (Remember this plug, Jamie Masada.)]

go for it!

[Translation: YOU go for it. I'll be watching you make fools of yourselves from my basement computer monitor.]

Make your own mask...

[Naw. Easier to pick one up at the Dollar Store.]

Halloween is only the week before. I expect the masks will be inexpensive and very readily available.

[Yeah, you can also pick up a Tinkerbell mask for tinkling that Pixie Dust all over yourselves.]

World Can't Wait is organizing a day of repudiation and resistance for October 5.

[And the Laugh Factory is organizing a day of laughter and mockery for September 5. (Remember that plug, Jamie Masada.)]

Guy Fawkes represents terrorism so I'd be against that.


By that logic our founding fathers were terrorists. Our founding
fathers used what England considered terrorist acts (dumping tea in the
harbor, for example) in the lead-up to the American Revolution in order
to break the chains of oppression.

[Is that you, Brian Williams?]

Not terrorism. The group of Catholics behind Guy Fawkes, who was a
mercenary more than an ideolouge, planned on destroying the entire
English government in one fell swoop, making it more of a coup attempt
than a terrorist attack. And not one without reason, as the English
government of the day strongly persecuted all religous minorities,
especially Catholics.

[So will you be Guy Fawkes from the historical past or from the fantasy V For Vendetta future?]

It was more a cry for help... than an actual coup, as James' government
would likely not have immidiately been replaced by a Catholic monarch.
Fawkes and his comrades were trying to do something big to get the
Catholic countries of Europe, especially Spain, involved in returning
Britain to Catholicism.

[A much more likely scenario than returning DUmmies to sanity.] {...}

And the majority in the country will ask... "Why are people wearing those strange looking masks?"

[And the majority in the country will ask... "Who are those morons looking like shmucks?"]

It would be taken out of context, and ridiculed.

[Earth to DUmmieland---It ALREADY is being ridiculed.]

Next time I hear the "everyone is smart enough" argument, I'll send a link over to this DU thread. Hat tip for title: FreeRepublic poster jiggyboy.

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