Lauer Blurs Factual and Fictional On Promotional "DaVinci Code" Tour

Matt Lauer's trip to Paris, to go "On the Road With the Code," included a stop at the Louvre art museum on Tuesday, where the novel "The DaVinci Code" begins. In his interview with the Louvre's head curator this morning, he asked if the museum staff would be bothered that people came to see "the spot where Sauniere was murdered," as if it was a real human being, and not a figment of author Dan Brown's imagination. Is this a "news" show, or just an unpaid publicity arm for Sony and Brown?

Lauer did note that it was preposterous for Brown to suggest that a 76-year-old curator in the book would be marching around with a painting that was in real life too large for him to carry, 12 feet by 18 feet.

The Louvre is stepping up the DaVinci Code tourism of its own with the release of the movie in Cannes this week. No one seems to care than in the rush to profit from all this hype, they could be lying to millions about God, and perhaps God won't look upon that kindly.

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